***Apologies this week everyone. We had internet connection issues, as well as audio issues on Joce’s mic (stupid software updates broke things). Issues will be resolved next episode.***

This week on FAZ, Joce and Manny talk about overpowering artifact weapons, beta news, and PTR updates. They then go over the strategy to defeat the tank mage tower challenge and talk about faction aggression heading into Battle for Azeroth. Remember you can engage with the FAZ community by joining our Discord channel, or by sending an email to fazpodcast@gmail.com.

Magni-fy your Weapons

After the reset this week, players on live servers were called back to Silithus.

  • Artifact retirement quest
  • You will need to have completed the previous Magni quests in Silithus
  • Completing the quests overcharges your artifact weapon
  • This boost your weapon to 126 traits and 75 traits in concordance.
  • It does not boost the ilvl of your weapon
  • You can now vendor AP tokens
  • When 8.0 hits you’re traits will be disabled even if you did not complete this quest.
  • https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765456704?page=2#37

Beta News

Patches continue to arrive at a fast pace on the beta and now we are seeing a lot of changes to various systems.

  • Mythic + Rewards
    • Mythic + Chest can now contain 1 – 3 pieces of gear
    • Azerite armor can only come from the weekly chest
    • The gear in the chests are weighted to favor azerite armor and weapons
    • There are breakpoints for the ilvl of azerite armor based on the number of affixes of your completed key
    • Other gear follows the old structure as we have on live servers
  • Gladiator’s Sanctum Realm is active
    • Create 120 characters
    • Buy 370 gear and enchants from vendors
    • Test ranked PvP systems
    • Dueler’s Guild accessible

The War of Thorns continues

The latest PTR patch contains part 2 of the Alliance pre-expansion event but mysteries still abound.

  • Still not sure how the tree begins to burn
  • It is clear that many people die in the event
  • One event that doesn’t line up with the depiction in A Good War (from Collector’s Edition novella)
  • Completing the chain rewards a mount.
  • In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Ion Hazzikostas revealed that the War of Thorns will take place over the course of 2 weeks and that the battle for Lordaeron will take place a week before BfA launches (July 24th – Joce did the math)
  • Wowhead article on Part 2

Blizzard recounts the history of WoW

Ahead of the release of BfA, WIRED sat down with key figures from WoWs development team to reminisce about the history of our favorite MMO. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Gameplay Engineer Patrick Magruder, and Visual Development Supervisor Jimmy Lo speak on the path the game has followed. They spoke on each expansion; the systems introduced, and the lessons learned.

Community Resources/Add-ons

The Highlord’s Return

The Mage Tower is now up 24/7 until BfA systems patch.

  • The fight is shared between all tank specializations but has some adjustments for each spec.
  • Two-part fight in which you are aided by Velen as you deal with add control, stack management and interrupts.
  • Throughout the fight, Velen will spawn a Holy Ward (every 30 seconds) which heal you to full, clears any debuffs on you, and interrupts all enemies.
  • Phase 1 you are dealing with Inquisitor Variss, Tormenting Eyes, Smoldering Infernals and Nether Horrors
    • Face directly towards Tormenting Eyes as the finish the channel
    • Interrupt and kills Nether Horrors asap
    • Avoid Smoldering Infernals and their 2 abilities
    • Manage your stacks of Aura of Decay, suffer through Mind Rend, and Interrupt Drain Life
    • Use the Holy Wards whenever you feel you are getting overwhelmed
  • After killing the Inquisitor, Highlord Krul will join the fight and phase 2 will begin.
    • Tormenting Eyes despawn, no additional infernals will spawn but the ones currently active will remain for the rest of the fight
    • Krul creates void zones with Netherstomp that will kill you quickly
    • You must interrupt Twisted Reflection
    • Annihilate puts a stacking debuff that works as the soft enrage mechanic
    • This is a burn phase, you must kill him before he overwhelms your defensive abilities.