This week Joce and Manny focus on Lore, as most of the news has been about the World of Warcraft story. They cover an interview with Alex Afrasiabi, the Sylvanas and Saurfang cinematics, the Collectors Edition novellas “A Good War” and “Elegy”, and try to figure out where we go from here. They then take a listener email about a possible fate for Captain Summermoon.

Storytelling In World of Warcraft

The Tech Website, Science Alert released a three-part interview with Alex Afrasiabi, the Creative Director for World of Warcraft. This series came out over 3 days and covered how storytelling has evolved over the course of WoW.

Part 1 – Quest implementation and in-game cinematics

Part 2 – Story Arcs, Lore Keeper Team and Story adding to gameplay

Part 3 – Story Leadership, Designing Story with Players who skip reading quest text, the Story unfolding over the course of an expansion

The Tree Has Burned

Warbringers: Sylvanas

Old Soldier

Collector’s Edition Novellas