This week Manny and Joce talk about the HD Jailer, the Warcraft survey, Shadowlands gear updates, and then dissect the final Shadowlands animated short. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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9.0.1 in Background Downloader

  • The prepatch data has been released for download. Speculation regarding when we will begin the pre-expansion is going wild.
  • MMO-Champion Blog Post

CGI Jailer Teased

The cover of PC Gamer shows a Hi-resolution image of the Jailer. This has given rise to questions about another CGI short in the same manner as Old Soldier was in BfA.

Warcraft in Other Genres 

Surveys have been sent out to some members of the community gauging interest in potential future projects.

  • The survey asks how likely you would be to play the game if it became available and how well the game would fit in the Warcraft franchise.
  • Potential genres included:
    • Platform Adventure on mobile
    • 4x Strategy on PC/Console/Mobile
    • Tower Defense on Mobile
    • Location-Based/Augmented Reality on Mobile
    • Fighting on PC/Console
    • Survival on PC/Console
    • World-Building on Mobile

PvE Gearing Updates

A number of changes have appeared on the recent beta builds

PvP Itemization Update 

Kaivax took to the forums to outline the direction of PvP gear in Shadowlands.

  • Conquest gear will always have versatility and one of the other three stats
  • The PvP Trinkets will have a set bonus granting an increased throughput benefit from Versatility
  • Still stress that some BiS gear can still come from other content