This week on For Azeroth, Manny and Joce go all lore, all the time. Hear their thoughts on the end of the War Campaign, the story in BFA as a whole, and where we go from here!

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The First Cinematic

  • The plight of the Alliance and Saurfang is dire as Saurfang’s missive is narrated to give exposition and both leaders are unable to gather any formidable strength to fight Sylvanas.
  • Anduin comments that he can muster enough for one final assault
  • Saurfang comments about the horde’s dark origin and the Path of Glory
  • He then goes on to comment that Thrall and Vol’jin were not inheritors of Blackhand’s legacy but rather Sylvanas is a true representation of the Horde.
  • Anduin says that the horde is what is gathered there led by Saurfang and people with honor. Further he says that while the Horde has regrettable points in history; so too does the Alliance.
  • Despite all this Saurfang seems unconvinced and Anduin asks him “…what are we fighting for?”
  • The answer is revealed that we all make Azeroth our home and Saurfang is resolved to break the cycle.

The Road to Orgrimmar

  • As a Loyalist, you have to remove rebel propaganda, and plant bombs on the rebel siege machines
    • All players are hostile to you unless they too are loyalists
  • Joce beating the crap out of Etrigg and dragging him through town as citizen’s threw rotten fruit at him
  • As a Traitor, you have to quell dysidents and rally the populace ahead of battle.
  • Playing from the Saurfang/Alliance camp is like the Siege of Orgrimmar’s Gate of Retribution reimagined as a scenario.
  • Playing from the Loyalist side (as a second perspective) gave a new perspective and actually layered well on the Saurfang/Alliance side.


  • Visions of the Horde, Old vs New. Anyone not a traitor is not a part of the Horde according to Anduin, and Saurfang appears to cast it aside as well in favor of fighting For Azeroth. Do we think this is the end of both Hordes? Is it the formation of a new one? 
  • What about the Horde and Alliance being flagged as friendly? Will 9.0 include the ability to choose a faction regardless of race?

The 2nd Cinematic

  • Opens with the Orgrimmar theme
  • Saurfang looks upon the armies amassed outside the gates and the armies standing upon the gates.
  • He remarks “those who defend Orgrimmar are Horde as well.”
  • Thrall says the forces standing with them are committed to fighting for Saurfang though many will lives will be lost.
  • Saurfang responds that maybe only one more will need to die today, he marches before the walls and calls out for Mak’gora
  • The gates of Orgrimmar open and Sylvanas appears to meet the call.
  • She questions why Saurfang believes she will humour his challenge to which Saurfang replies that she wishes to see him suffer.
  • Sylvanas accepts the challenge taking a pair of blades from her flag bearer.
  • Saurfang receives the axe from Thrall and from Anduin he receives Shalamayne.
  • Thrall questions why Saurfang would make this challenge knowing he can’t win against the Banshee Queen and Anduin fears he has set Saurfang down a path to his death. 
  • Neither feel that the Old Veteran has much of a chance against Sylvanas and in the first clash of blades Sylvanas shows that she is able to match Saurfang’s strength and also is more agile.
  • After landing several unanswered blows she seethes that she trusted Saurfang, that those gathered here trusted Saurfang; and, with his death their hope will die too.
  • The High Overlord stands up and begins a series of staggering blows. He declares that Sylvanas can not kill hope and lists how she has failed again and again but her enemies still stand against her.
  • He declares that the Horde will endure, that the Horde is strong, and; after she pushes back against his assault of blows, Shalamayne splits in his hands into the twin blades allowing him to finally land a blow against the Warchief.
  • Sylvanas retorts that the horde is nothing her voice echoing with otherworldly rage.
  • The Flagbearer is unable to maintain her composure and gives a questioning look at Sylvanas.
  • Knowing that she has undone herself with a single outburst, she then proclaims that they are all nothing.
  • Saurfang smirks knowing that he has won the war. He raises his arm and begins to charge, plugging his favourite podcast “For Azeroth!” This moment is short-lived as he is cut down as Sylvanas unleashes a dark shadowy blast of magic and kills him on the spot.
  • Sylvanas tells them all that they do not see themselves as she sees them and tells them to savour this moment as it will not last and that nothing lasts.
  • She flies off into the sky and Zekhan crouches over Saurfang’s body wondering what they should do next.
  • Thrall resolves to bring his sworn brother home. He lifts Saurfang up with the help of Anduin and Zehkan and the Forsaken Flagbearer as well as those upon the battlements clink their banners to welcome the fallen hero back into Orgrimmar.  


  • We can’t do this show and not talk about a phrase I’ve railed against since people started using it, but now that the WC is over, how do we feel about Garrosh 2.0? Is this an accurate comparison or are the differences in motivations enough to make them distinct?

The Epilogue

  • The post war NPC conversations so the range of opinions from different groups. Makes the world feel lived in as you hear the talk of various current events.
  • The Thalyssra, Lothemar, Jaina could not tell what sorcery Sylvanas used nor could they detect the power even when standing in front of her
  • Nathanos still aboard the Banshee’s Wail, though canon is that he should be gone
  • Alliance
    • Discord in the Alliance
    • Tyrande not returning any missives from Anduin, various night-elves torn between wanting an end to the conflict and still having a burning desire for vengeance.
    • Doubts about Anduin being too soft and his supporting role in Saurfang’s acts
    • Kul Tiran separatist sentiment
    • Calia and Derek
      • Jaina checks in on her brother, who has been with Calia. 
      • They are helping each other cope with undeath, and Jaina suggests Calia may be able to help other undead
  • Horde
    • The Strained reunification of the Horde
    • Horde leaders quelling infighting
    • Loyalists in shackles
    • Many Forsaken feeling abandoned and duped 
  • Loyalists
    • Nathanos warns Sylvanas that when the time comes there must be no hesitation
    • Sylvanas’ end game not actually revealed but the first solid details are given to loyalist
    • Sylvanas wanted the casualties and death for the “Hungering Darkness”
    • Believes that enough additional casualties will be caused by the coming conflict with N’Zoth
    • Made a deal with Azshara (which was speculated with Ashvane’s appearance in Nazjatar and the AEP)


  • The Horde has no Warchief. Do we think we’ll get one, or will the Horde be ruled by a council?
  • The Forsaken are forsaken again, with no leader. Will Lillian step up, or will Derek and Calia rule?
  • The Alliance could be splintering. What role do we think Tyrande will play going forward?
  • Sylvanas. Who is her boss? What powers does she wield? What could Nathanos possibly think would make her hesitate?

The War Campaign in Summary


    • Storytelling in BfA
      • The War Campaign was one of many stories that were told in BfA, alongside the Kul Tiran and Zandalar campaigns and control of Azerite, the Blood Trolls, and the Naga/Azshara/N’zoth content. How do you feel about the faction war overall? This seems to be the last time we’ll get one, so are you satisfied?
    • Where is all this going? (Thoughts on 8.3 and 9.0)