Manny and Joce dive into the official Blizzard 8.2.5 post, Classic layering issues, the lore of Shandris Feathermoon, and your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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8.2.5 Official Details

Last week we talked about Blizzard’s revamped RAF program. This week, Blizzard an article detailing the Party Sync feature and a second post giving the overview of the upcoming 8.2.5 patch.

  • Party Sync
    • You are scaled down to the cap of the content of the lowest player so using party sync with a level 42 dude in Vanilla content will scale you down to level 60; while players in a group with a level 94 character in WoD will be scaled to level 100.
    • This works in conjunction with the world scaling so that creatures are scaled appropriately.
    • You can re-complete quests while sync’d that you had completed before as Replay Quests. These quests are temporary while you are in the sync’d party. Quests in your log but for which you are now temporarily ineligible will turn grey.
    • The original posting for the feature had put the feature in the coming months but was revised to the coming weeks.
  • Goblin and Worgen models
    • Worgen received new animations
    • Worgen females look greatly improved
    • Goblin racial ability animations received small corrections
  • Stormsong Bee Quest (Alliance Only) for Bee Mount, 
    • Bee themed Glyphs
    • Butterflies added to the Bug family of Battle Pets
    • New themed loot
  • Battle Res indicators are now more visible
  • 15th Anniversary event
  • New Lunar Festival quest
    • Allows you to use the seasonal transmog year round
  • Firelands Timewalking Raid
  • The Conclusion of the War Campaign

Dungeon/Layer Exploit

Earlier this week Blizzard patched out a bug that when exploited allowed players to repeatedly reset bosses within the same lock out. 

  • This allowed some unscrupplelous players to gear excessively faster than intended and obtain BoE’s gold and other advantages.
  • Blizzard then went on to issue bans to players found to be exploiting.
  • Lore replied to a thread explaining the thought process of punishing the exploiters.
  • Bans were a min of 1 month during the investigation process with items and gold being removed from offending accounts.