Manny and Joce cover the new RAF program, BlizzCon Key Art, the addon Hekili, and your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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New RAF Program Revealed

  • You can connect your account to up to 10 friends
  • you can teleport to each other with Friend-to-Friend Summoning (which works on a 30 minute cooldown) and receive a 50% bonus experience when partied together.
  • Each time one of your recruits adds game time to their account, you’ll earn progress toward a new reward
  • The more friends you invite, the faster you’ll earn the rewards, as one friend adding multiple months of game time earns the same rewards as multiple friends adding one month of game time each
  • Generate a link through the in-game friends interface and monitor from there
  • You can invite 4 friends at a time (each link is good for 4 uses, a new link can be created every 30 days)
  • There will be in game challenges to complete with your recruits for more rewards (they didn’t elaborate)
  • Party Sync, when activated, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. 
  • “Replay quest” feature allows players who’ve already completed certain quests to replay them with their friends for rewards that are appropriate to their current level, regardless of the quest’s original level. Quests can be replayed for rewards once per day


Rikki – Battle Pet, Monkey model

Game Time


Explorer’s Dunetrekker – Mount, 2 seater ground, Camel model


Renowned Explorer %s – Title


Game Time


Illusion: Stinging Sands – Weapon Enchant, swirling sands


Renowned Explorer’s Tabard


Game Time


Explorer’s Jungle Hopper – Mount, 2 seater flying, plane model


Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack – Backpack transmog?


Game Time


Renowned Explorer’s Attire – Transmog outfit

BlizzCon Key Art

  • Virtual Ticket will go on sale next month
  • All franchises represented, even Heroes!

Community Resources/Add-ons


This is a visual aid that works with dps and tank specs to show dps priorities. This basically answers the question: “what button should I hit next?”

  • Based on the APLs of Simulations
  • Automatically adjusts to situations (number of enemies, abilities about to come of CD, procs)
  • Visual adjustments can be made to suit your playstyle and aesthetics
  • Not all specs are supported and this addon must be updated whenever there are buffs/nerfs