Manny and Joce cover Classic news, what Blizzard is doing in China, an addon called Friend Groups, and your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

World Firsts Rag and Onyxia by <APES>

  • EU team on Gehennas, with 12 healers and 15 people below 60

Free Classic Realm Transfers Offered

Blizzard has started to offer free, but specific, realm transfers to lower pop/newly created realms.

Blizzard Responds on Layering Abuse in Classic WoW

  • Blizzard are working on deploying some additional controls to further restrain layering from being exploitable
  • They say it’s a much smaller problem than people are reporting, it’s not impacting the game or economy, and the stories being posted are “wildly inaccurate”
  • Comparing /who lists with friends doesn’t show layers, because it pulls from the realm, and the list is then truncated if it’s too long
  • They are adding a delay between layer transfers

Horde Hall of Fame is full!

You can still get the Feat of Strength until the reset Hordeside. There are 81 spots left on the Alliance HOF list.

Blizzard Suing Sina Games, Partnering with Xiaomi for Mobile Launch

  • Sina games is responsible for Glorious Saga, a mobile game that is heavily influenced by WoW, from factions to story to character names and models
  • They are suing for $150k for each infringement, plus legal fees
  • Blizzard has also partnered with Xiaomi for the launch of their newest gaming focused phone, creating both Alliance and Horde limited editions
  • WoW mobile game incoming?  

Community Resources/Add-ons

Friend Groups – Sent in by Drae

  • create groups by adding a hashtag at the end of the player note eg. “Character names #GYCT”
    • Shows character name, class colour, and level right in the friends list
  • expand and collapse groups by clicking the group title
  • group right click options to invite, rename and remove
  • group right click to hide offline contacts or character name color
  • friend right click option to move to existing group or remove from group