8.2.5 details have been released, we have guesses for the bosses of the 15th Anniversary raid, the Race to World First is over, there’s an addon to manage your addons, and has the MDI ruined dungeons? All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

8.2.5 Details

Community Manager Kaivax has posted the official 8.2.5 PTR Notes. Which included the expected Goblin and Worgen features but also unveiled several previously unannounced features.

  • New Timewalking Raid: Firelands
  • November’s 15 Year Anniversary Event
    • Log-in prize with Lil’ Nefarian pet and other in-game items.
    • Three (3) Limited Time, Unique raid wings with “iconic encounters”
      • Guess at bosses?
        • Nefarian (Final boss of third wing)
        • Kil’jaedan
        • Kael’thas Sunstrider
        • Arthas
        • Kel’Thuzad
        • Cho’Gall
        • Lei Shen (Final boss of the second wing)
        • Mannoroth
        • Gul’dan
    • Defeating all 9 Bosses grants the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount
    • Special Alterac Valley Achievement to obtain the faction specific Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and and Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).
  • Alliance Bee Mount
  • Revamped Recruit-A-Friend
    • New URL generation tool that you can send to multiple friends
    • For each month that each friend purchase active game time you get rewards
  • Party Sync
    • Puts players quest state (as if you had only completed the same quests as your friends)
    • Shifts players into the same phase
    • Scales down players to do instanced content together (loose abilities)
    • Being initially tested in dungeons. PvP instances to be tested in week 2

The Queen Falls!

The World 1st Race is over. After 13 days, and 359 attempts Method has claimed world first reclaiming the throne from Pieces.

  • 1st: Method – (EU) Tauren Mill
  • 2nd: Limit – (US) Illidan
  • 3rd: Alpha – (CN) 
  • 4th: AFK R – (KR) Azshara

Physical Authenticators

Blizzard recently updated the gear store and in the update the physical authenticator was removed from the site. This was noticed by the community and then it was confirmed by Blizzard Customer Support, Kalviery that Blizzard has stopped manufacturing and offering the device.

The physical device will still be supported at this time.

Community Resources/Add-ons

Minimap Button Frame

With all the addons we have explored and covered on this show, some of our listeners may now be dealing with a new problem: too many icons and buttons on the edge of their minimap!

  • Add or Remove almost any minimap button (Narcissus is too pretty to be hidden!)
  • Sort Icons in multiple preset methods or custom sort
  • Disable//Hide unwanted buttons
  • Customize Appearance
  • Profiles!
  • Minimap Button Frame