This week on FAZ we give our first impressions of Azshara’s Eternal Palace and Season 3, talk about an addon to help find Rares in Nazjatar and Mechagon, go over the lore of 8.2 including the post-raid cinematic, and finally take an email about what WoW players take for granted. Enjoy!  

Season 3 Begins

Yesterday, Season 3 began in earnest and players began delving into the endgame content that was locked away until now.

  • How is the initial content after two weeks
    • Nazjatar
    • Mechagon
  • New Essences to obtain
  • New World Bosses!
  • Mythic Plus Season 3
    • Week 1 ilvl capped at 415 for dungeons 6+ or higher
    • Keys are scaling a lot more than before having a compounding 10% per level up from 8%
    • The accolades about Beguiling center around the way it is injecting new life and strategies into the M+ scene this week.
    • The complaints about Beguiling are focused on the Void Emissary with the initial meta becoming to avoid combat with them completely.
  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace:
    • Overall 1st impressions
    • Aesthetics
    • Fav Boss so far
    • Worst Boss so far
    • Trash
    • Final Thoughts
  • Operation: Mechagon
    • Haven’t tried yet really want to go in blind and just fumble around
  • Other Notables
    • Stuck in combat bug
    • What goals do you have for this Season?

Community Resources/Add-ons

Rare Scanner

With all the elusive beasts in the two new zones you might be wondering where to find them. Rare Scanner will make sure you don’t miss a spawn as you go across Nazjatar and Mechagon.

  • When you are near a rare spawn or a chest a pop-up will appear on screen with an image and name of the nearby rare spawn.
  • Under the pop-up will have a list of items the spawn can drop.
  • The range of the add on is further than the player will see on the minimap
  • You can click on the pop-up to target the rare (chests can not be targeted) if you are within range
  • Spawn locations will be marked on your map even when the rare is not currently active
  • Mouse-over the marked location to see a tooltip which includes:
    • Name of Creature
    • Last seen time/killed (in general or by you)
    • Any associated quests and/or achievements
    • Any special requirements to spawn