This week on FAZ we’ve got 8.2 hotfixes, Warmode changes, and some Classic server news before talking about the Worst in Bags feature from Ask Mr. Robot, Nathanos’ sad origin story, and finally an email about what Azerite could really be if Magni is indeed a pawn. 

8.2 Improvements

The devs have continued with a fury of hotfixes to improve the experience of 8.2. Some of these are very welcome indeed.

  • Health pools of many rares increased
  • Requirements for quests and dailies reduced
  • The “Jumping Jellies” World Quest was made much easier
  • The Bejeweled inspired chests now require a set colour and number of total runes matched; rather than matching a certain colour and amount in a single move.
  • Blizzard deployed a hotfix changing epic gems to provide 50 of a secondary stat down from 60. This change is to continue to push item level as the guiding light for gear.
    • Developers’ note: The power increase of Epic gems over Rare gems is too large, putting players in situations where the right choice is to use a much lower iLvl item with a socket over a Titanforged upgrade. We’re making this change before Season 3 begins to limit the number of affected players

The Trials and Tribulations of Warmode 

Since our last recording, Blizzard has several changes around Warmode events. We’ve rounded up some highlights in hopes of figuring out what can be done with Warmode.

  • Battle for Nazjatar will only trigger on shards with representation of both factions. Otherwise the PvE Azshara’s Elite Commanders will begin… 
  • Prototypes for Inspiration // Prototypes for Profit is a new WM only daily in Mechagon. This quest’s reward scales differently for each faction currently rewarding: 200 reputation with the Rustbolt Reputation in addition to 250 spare parts for the Horde and 400 spare parts for the Alliance 
  • The achievement, “Fighting on Two Fronts” has been revised to remove the requirement to loot Mechagon Fight Club chest. If you completed all other steps before the hotfix, you will earn this as soon as you kill a player of the opposite faction.
  • Huge lag issues strike in Warmode
  • Alliance have once again gained the 25% warmode bonus…

Classic Updates

Blizzard has provided additional information for Classic servers and are now providing more servers for enthusiastic nostalgia junkies around the globe. 

  • Reversed an earlier decision to only have english and russian EU servers. Now there will also be dedicated servers for German and French
  • Day 1 Oceanic Servers for Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia

Community Resources/Add-ons

Ask Mr. Robot about your 8.2 Bags

Are your bags filling up way too fast in Mechagon and Nazjatar? Ask Mr Robot has a solution, Worst in Bags!

  • You can import your character from the AMR addon, or retrieve your info from the armory directly on the AMR website
  • If you play multiple specs and maintain multiple gear sets in your bags, make sure you click all specs at the top of the page to generate a Best In Bags filter for those specs
  • Scroll down to Worst In Bags, and choose your filters from Guaranteed Junk, Very Likely Junk, and gear that is your choice of ilvls below your BIS
  • You can also flag gear/slots, etc as excluded from being flagged as worst, or click the icon to the right of the item name
  • You can hover over the reason in the Results to see the piece of gear you own that is better, making the piece in results junk and fine to get rid of
  • After you’ve run Worst in Bags, you can import it back to the AMR addon so that you have your junk list right in game, just like the Best in Bags function
  • You can also choose an option in the AMR addon to always display your junk list when you visit a vendor or the scrapper, and clicking on something in the list will sell or scrap it depending on where you are, making it even easier to sell or scrap what you don’t need
  • Worst in Bags also automatically checks your bank, which is where some items might be. You can go to the bank in game and push the “Retrieve from Bank” button at the bottom to automatically withdraw junk gear from the bank