Joce and Manny talk about everything they’ve seen in 8.2 so far, as well as talk about a WeakAura to make that murloc trading game a breeze, before taking an email.

8.2 First Impressions


  • Hotfixes and maintenance galore
  • The AP chest change
  • The 4 free weeks of AK
  • My bags are too full!
  • Nazjatar
    • The layout is beautiful, multifaceted and makes good of new and old.
    • Battle for Nazjatar is extremely fun or extremely upsetting
    • 5 Naga invaders is a race not a fight
    • Kelpfin New Yorker accents are aggravating 
  • Mechagon
    • Definitely the place I go AFTER I am done with Nazjatar
    • Old resources (no Osmenite or Rubbery Flanks)
    • No big PvP event (YET)
    • Jet Packs in Mechagon and daily construction projects
  • Head scratching plot holes 
  • I’m all about War Mode!
  • Manny’s fear of flying
  • Grinding for spare parts.
  • “Old BfA” Content that I took 3 days to get back to completing
  • Professions need help!
    • Joce agrees. The new potions shouldn’t require anchorweed either
  • Theorycrafters were sent scrambling and in the meantime I just experimented with builds   


  • Nazjatar is great, overwhelming to start but then becomes manageable without being boring
    • I think I’m enjoying this more because it’s main story. I don’t really care that Mechagon wants to turn the gnomes into machines
    • Baine quest
      • I’m still punishing the traitors
    • Nightborne being back in Zin’Ashari
    • Warmode (Things seem easier to kill in PvE, scaling?)
    • Companions
    • 6 WQs, plus hub dailies, and three companion quests
  • Mechagon is not the best
    • Not much to do, or things are less obvious than Timeless Isle
      • I contributed to a drill to be able to enter a cave, but then it wasn’t done while I was playing so I missed my chance at the rare, feels bad
      • Haven’t found any areas with mobs to kill for rep, which was a nice piece of TI grinding, this feels forever gated
    • I do have more quests now so I guess Mechagon is time gated? At the end of my first play session in there I only had 400 rep, and no WQs, so I’m just never flying
  • Had to turn off PvP because of lag issues, but that brought more bugs like being stuck in combat forever

Mechagon Prelude Comic

Just ahead of the patch, Blizzard released a 2D comic giving a look into the culture and structure of the fabled land of Mechagon.

  • A civilization fighting against the “Curse of Flesh.”
  • The human (gnome) condition
  • Possible Easter Egg: The land of east of the Eastern Kindgoms
  • Mechagon Comic

Crimson Tidestallion

Earlier this week the Crimson Tidestallion became available out of the murloc trading daily cycle; but, Blizzard felt it was too soon for people to acquire this mount. Later in the same day Blizzard deployed a hotfix disabling the purchase of this mount. Players who obtained the mount before it was removed retained the mount which is reported to come around only once every 6 weeks or so.

Sylverian Dreamer

Sylverian Dreamer is a new store mount sold for $25 USD

Community Resources/Add-ons

Mrrl’s trade game

In Nazjatar, you will come across an injured murloc to rescue. Upon leading Mrrl back to your base he and his family will infest your home and unlock the trading game which holds many secrets. With the weak aura, “Mrrl’s trade game,” you can easily get directions on what to buy on a heads up display.

  1. – First, interact with all the murlocs once to retrieve list
  2. – After that, the aura will show the murloc names and the items it is gonna buy
  3. – Follow the text
  • Please note this works with items traded and bought between the 5 murlocs within your base the Crimson Tidestallion required additional items outside of this for the final purchase.
  • Azshari’s Stormsurger Cape is required to see everything the murlocs have to offer.
  • If you decide that you don’t want to buy the item, you can reload your ui or leave the zone to clear the instructions.