Joce and Manny chat about 8.2 dropping next week as well as the video Blizzard released. They then look at TeslaWoW for mount collecting advice, and take your emails!

Rise of Azshara Next Week

After the reset this week, Blizzard unveiled that 8.2 will go live next week.

  • Patch goes live on June 25th (NA), 26th (EU), and 27th (Asia)
  • Season 3 commences two weeks later on July 9th (NA), 10th (EU), and 11th (Asia)
  • Raid bosses: 8
    • Difficulties: Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, Mythic
  • Raid Finder Minimum Item Level: 380
    • July 9 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties
    • July 16 – Mythic and Raid Finder Wing 1
    • July 30 – Raid Finder Wing 2
    • August 13 – Raid Finder Wing 3
  • FAZ Community member, Buckwyster noted that the final unlock for Azerite Gear is still increasing with gear level. To gain the additional 5 item levels and further boost the Azerite Traits on gear you will require an HoA level:
    • between 46 – 48 for Normal (ilvl 415)
    • between 56 – 58 for Heroic (ilvl 430)
    • between 63 – 65 for Mythic (ilvl 445)
  • Developer Insight video
    • Outlined the initial string of events in 8.2
    • Outlined the preseason ahead of Season 3
      • Feats of Strength, Titles, and most Season 2 achievements will be obtainable after patch day.
      • AotC and Cutting Edge are available until the start of Season 3 (Hall of Fame for CoS closed this week.)
      • Item level cap increases from 425 up to 455 at the start of Season 3
      • You can still earn the seasonal PvP mount in the offseason.
    • Reward & Design Strategies
      • Gear Reward Scaling
        • Scaling driven by the type of content
        • Noted the importance of outgrowing content and moving past it
        • Relevant content also depends on the timing of the patch.
      • Gear and Character Progression
        • Weighing the feeling of reward with the ability to quickly catch up to your peers
        • Essences will not become irrelevant and there are no planned shortcuts to obtain them in the future.
      • PvP Gear Crossover
        • Talked about PvE gear having a historic impact on the PvP meta
        • Talked about stat templates removing a key RPG factor from PvP
        • They believe it is acceptable for high-end players to seek out rewards from other content to excel in their primary mode of play
        • Talked about the impact of CoS gear being disruptive to the game regardless of their source
        • Still committed to the majority of compelling rewards come from content for the target player.
      • Class Design
        • The team feels ability pruning has gone too far
        • Furthering spec identity and the loss of class identity
      • World of Warcraft Classic
        • It’s coming out in August get hyped.
        • Classic Stress Test Open (@5 EST) from Wednesday June 19th – June 21st for all active WoW subscribers.

Experience Eliminated

It was discovered in the latest PTR build that any player in a group with a character that has their experience turned off will receive an experience suppressing aura.

  • The aura is a buff that reduces xp earned by 95%
  • You only get this in a manually created party
  • This effectively stops Freehold and Island carries by twinks.
  • Not the first time Blizzard has tried to address this issue this expansion.
  • Blue Post Clarification

Level Squish Survey

A survey was sent out which included questions about an upcoming Level Squish. This survey phrased the question in a way to suggest that the squish was no longer just a possibility but rather a certainty.

Community Resources/Add-ons

TeslaWoW Mount Collector Website

  • Enter your character name and realm, and it creates a farming route based on your missing farmable mounts
  • Good way to see what you can farm from Vanilla through WoD
  • Website, not in game tool, but tells you drop rates and best portals to use to navigate the world
  • Does give a warning if a leg takes a particularly long time, like Pandaria