Manny and Joce are back with a look at dungeon changes and the Season 3 affix, Beguiling. They also do a postmortem on raiding in Season 2, and take your emails!

8.2 PTR Dungeon Tuning

  • Atal’Dazar
    • Priestess Alun’za
      • Damage buffed across many abilities (Corrupted Gold, Molten Gold, Tainted Blood, Gilded Claws)
      • This boss will now be a threat, and healers will have to actually heal!
    • Dazar’ai Colossus
      • Gathered Souls no longer grants healing on an ally death and the damage bonus per stack reduced to 10% (was 25%).
      • This was creating a “best path” in the dungeon as players were avoiding this mob, but may now open up new paths, which may be required with the Season 3 affix
    • Reanimated Honor Guard
      • Rending Maul periodic damage decreased by ~23%
      • Means tank damage is reduced against these mobs
  • Freehold
    • Timer reduced to 33 minutes (was 36 minutes)
      • Brings difficulty more in line with other dungeons
  • King’s Rest
    • The Golden Serpent
      • Spit Gold damage reduced by 25%
      • One of the hardest first bosses with damage that stacks up quickly, this brings it back down in line with other dungeons
    • Weapons Tester
      • Echo Blade damage reduced by ~53%
      • Another don’t kill the tank change
  • Tol Dagor
    • Heavy Cannon
      • Heavy Cannons now have an Energy Bar of 100
      • Each Cannon Blast costs 20 Energy to use.
      • Only 5 shots per cannon means you can’t use the cannons alone to kill trash
  • Dungeon Buffs and Nerfs

Beguiling in Mythic+ Season 3

Season 3’s affix is now available on the PTR. We will be dealing with three types of Emissaries, each themed around a school of magic: Arcane, Frost or Shadow.

  • These are present in random packs throughout the dungeon
  • Enchanted Emissary – Grants nearby allies Queen’s Decree: Blowback, reflecting 200% of damage dealt back at the target. Enchanted Emissaries have the passive Enchanted, causing attacks to push back the emissary.
    • The Enchanted Emissary has over 25 million health, which means it cannot be killed but it has an energy bar of 100. Every 3 seconds, it loses 10 energy which means that it’ll take 30 seconds to deplete its energy bar, at which point it teleports out of the dungeon
    • Enchanted Emissary will only drain energy while in combat. The energy drain will pause until it’s engaged in combat again.
  • Void-Touched Emissary – Queen’s Decree: Hide is an 8 sec cast. Deals Shadow damage equal to 50% targets’ health to enemies in line of sight within a 60-yard radius. Damage is doubled with every cast. Void-Touched Emissaries have the passive True Sight, granting the ability to see stealth at a larger radius.
    • Void-Touched Emissary has slightly more health than the average trash mob, but can be brought to 1 health at which point it will teleport out of the dungeon
    • The Void-Touched Emissary will retain its health on a wipe and drop all stacks of  Queen’s Decree: Hide.
  • Emissary of the Tides – Grants nearby allies Queen’s Decree: Unstoppable making them immune to crowd control effects. Emissary of Tides themselves can be crowd controlled.
    • Emissary of the Tides has slightly more health than the average trash mob, but can be brought to 1 health at which point it will teleport out of the dungeon
    • Emissary of the Tides will reset its health to full on a wipe.
  • There will be multiple of each emissary in each dungeon, placed in existing packs
  • The layout of the emissaries will change week to week
  • Emissaries can be Bolstered (i.e they’re affected by affixes)
    • They don’t die themselves, so will not impact other mobs with on death affixes
  • They do not award percentage towards dungeon completion

Mounts and Pets and Toys, Oh My!

We talked about all the mounts available in 8.2 last week, but this week Blizzard has put out a new post detailing all the new mounts, as well as pets and toys, that can be found in the patch, as well as how to acquire them!

Community Resources/Add-ons

Season 2 Raiding in Review

With yet another reminder from Blizzard that Season 2 is coming to an end we thought we would take the time to reflect back on the raids and encounters of Season 2.

  • Battle of Dazar’Alor
    • Released January 22nd
    • 9 Bosses
    • World 1st Kill of Jaina was by Method
    • Over 1300 guilds have killed M Jaina
  • CoS
    • Released April 16th
    • 2 Bosses
    • World 1st Kill of Uu’nat was by Pieces
    • Mythic, only 91 guilds worldwide have killed Uu’nat (146 at 1/2), according to
  • What was your favourite boss and why?
  • What was your least favourite boss and why?
  • What do you think was done well in this tier?
  • What do you think could be done better in future tiers?
  • How was the raid overall?
  • What goals did you have entering this tier? Did you accomplish them?
  • Do you have any goals for the next tier of raiding?
  • Raider.IO BoD Rankings
  • Raider.IO CoS Rankings

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