It’s a fairly light news week this week, so Manny gives his impressions on Nazjatar gear pacing, and we take a look at an MMORPG interview with Morgan Day and Shani Edwards. Manny gives tips on how to be a better WoW player, we theory-craft a race-based expansion, and then take your emails.

Benthic Gear

Last week, we expressed concerns about Benthic gear while noting the issue would be settled in the delivery and rate of acquisition.

  • Benthic Gear can be a reward from WQs in Nazjatar but also can be bought from a faction vendor in the zone for 5 Prismatic Manapearls.
  • Base ilvl of 385.
  • Azsharan Pearling Kit upgrades to ilvl 400 for 20 Prismatic Manapearls.
  • Azsharan Pearling Enhancement upgrades any Benthic gear by 5 ilvls up to a maximum of ilvl 415 for 20 Prismatic Manapearls.
  • Azsharan Azerite Pearling Enhancement increases the ilvl of Benthic gear by 15 up to a maximum ilvl if 415 for 60 Prismatic Manapearls.
  • Greater Pearling Reinforcement is sold for 80 Prismatic Manapearls and upgrades by 5 ilvl up to a maximum of 430.
  • Greater Azerite Pearling Reinforcement is sold for 240 Prismatic Manapearls and upgrades by 15 ilvl up to a maximum of 430.
  • Manapearls are rewards from world quests, and daily quests
  • One of the early quests in Nazjatar requires that you give up 100 Manapearls to complete it

MMORPG 8.2 Interview posted an interview with Lead Encounter Designer Morgan Day and Senior Game Producer Shani Edwards.

  • Tyrande’s “story” is done for now and she will not be in 8.2
  • The story will shift to Sylvanas and Aszhara
  • The PvP Essence, Conflict and Strife may not be as absolutely broken as we thought. The quote from this article infers that it is a preselected trait.

“There’s a ton of new options and things for players to go after including PvP essences. The rated PvP essence where if you go through rated PvP you can get an essence to give you an extra talent. We thought it would be cool, but make it for PvP. Since it’s an essence, it’s part of your character. That’s an opportunity for people to use some of those PvP talents in PvE situations. You might have PvEers looking at essences to wonder how to get that.”

Community Resources/Add-ons

General Tips to Improving your Game Play

One of the most universal questions, I’ve encountered in the game is “How do I improve?” People often look at their performance and become daunted because they don’t know what they’re doing wrong or where to start. Today I want to do a general guide and checklist that I go through when I want to improve my performance in any role.

1) Read, watch and review the information that is out there.

The first thing to realize is that you’re not the first person to go down this path. While this seems fairly straight forward at the beginning of an expansion or when starting a new character. People will often forget to read through guides when switching talents or when a patch or even a hotfix alters your specialization. Sometimes, we just need to refresh our memory.

2) Work on one thing at a time.

The goal of improving is done through many steps to improve. Break down the larger goal into several areas on which you can focus. Much gameplay improvement can be subdivided into categories. Once you have figured out the different things to work on, prioritize those elements and begin working on one at a time.

3) Practice.

All the knowledge in the world means little if you are unable to execute upon it. If you want to get better you have to actually work on it. Practice something until you are quite comfortable with it in executing it.

4) Review.

There are several resources that we have discussed that will review your logs. Review your execution and refine that execution. Use these periods of review to better understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

5) Repeat.

Once you have reach a level of satisfaction with one part of your performance, move to the next part you prioritized and repeat steps 3 through 5. Some parts may take longer to improve than others. Some parts may require more effort to improve than others. Keep working at it and you will see the results.