Mythic CoS is upon us, and with it, another World First race! Manny and Joce also cover some hotfixes and PTR changes, the bag addon ArkInventory, Anduin’s time in Pandaria, and finally take some of your questions from Discord.

Mythic and LFR Crucible of Storms Open

Mythic and LFR Crucible of Storms has opened up in both the EU and NA realms.

Noblegarden has returned

The bunnies and their eggs have come back to small towns of Azeroth as the holiday event of Noblegarden is upon us again.

Hot Fixes go live and the Nerf Bat comes for SPriests

This Tuesday we received a hotfix that has touched on a number of areas.

  • Emissaries and World Quests can now drop higher level gear
    • World Quest reward gear maximum item level has been increased to item level 370 (was ilvl 360).
    • Emissary rewards gear maximum item level has been increased to ilvl 395 (was ilvl 385).
    • Emissary rewards for Azerite Armor will now drop at a maximum of ilvl 400 (was ilvl 385).
    • The item level of gear rewards for “Against Overwhelming Odds” has been increased to item level 395 (was ilvl 385).
  • Several Items from the CoS loot table have had their effects altered for either PvP or to correct bugged behaviours of the procs
  • Shadow Priests’ Auspicious Spirits talent has been nerfed by 30% (theory-crafters put this as a sub 3% adjustment to their total damage.)
  • Official Blue Post

New Rise of Azshara PTR Build

Build 30168 is up on the PTR. Many small additions have been added for testing but Nazjatar remains locked away beneath the waves.

  • Tauren and Gnome Heritage Armor Quest
  • Dungeon Journal updated.
    • New World Boss added:Ulmath, the Soulbinder
      • New Mindbender model with two ghostly Night Elf minions
    • New Raid Gear
      • Azerite Gear still requires certain HoA levels but none are higher than what is required on live
      • 2 weapons have interesting effects: Each weapon has a proc effect but also has a second bonus effect requires the effect of the other weapon. This is a set bonus shared between people who have one of the two weapons.
  • Tank buffs for Guardian Druid and Vengeance Demon Hunter
    • The Guardian Druid’s Frenzied Regeneration has gained a new functionality which will consume additional rage to give an upfront heal on top of it’s old short duration HoT
    • The Vengeance Demon Hunter’s Metamorphosis has 50% HP amp (up from 30%) and causes Shear to shatter 1 additional Soul Fragment.
    • Shear now shatters 2 Soul Fragments by default.
  • Profession Recipes (but new materials are NYI)
    • New crafted gear recipes now create gear that is 5 ilvls below the items of raid difficulties (direct response to methods gearing strategy going into Season 2)
    • New crafted gear has guaranteed gem slots
  • MMO-Champion’s Summary of Patch Changes

Community Resources/Add-ons


A very powerful bag addon, but requires a lot of configuration

  • Bag UI
    • 8 buttons along the top, plus an X to close
    • Refresh, Restack, Search are all self explanatory
      • Search also includes a list of items, so you don’t have to worry about spelling, and searches tooltips as well, for instance “fox” will find Shadow (battle pet)
    • Bag Changer will toggle the view of your individual bags at the bottom of the window
    • Toggle Location will allow you to view different storage locations like the bank without actually going there (view only, can’t interact)
      • Includes things like mounts (other addons are way better at this) and Auctions (which is really cool)
    • You can switch characters to view your bags without logging (can’t view an alternate character’s bank etc)
    • Last two buttons are Rules and Edit, which is where the real power comes in
  • Rules
    • ArkInventory allows you to create your own rules for sorting your gear that can be used in conjunction with Blizzard’s defaults
    • You can create filters for almost anything, like name combined with armor type, as well as sorting cut gems from raw gems, for example
    • Rules can be applied to bars, which are like mini-bags
  • Edit
    • The edit view is where you apply your filters to bars, done by clicking the bar number to open the menu (there are 40 bars total)
    • There are tons of defaults, like Consumables (broken down into everything from bandages to Legion AP and Vantus Runes), Trade Skills, and System level categories like Junk, Mounts, Battle Pets, Mythic Keystone, etc
    • You can add as many of these filters to your bars as you want, as well as combine them with your own rules
    • You can sort each bar individually as well, using presets or building your own
      • Examples: Item Rarity, Item Equip Location, Name, Vendor Price (lots more)
    • You can also leave some bars blank in order to create rows and columns of items in whatever configuration you want
    • Each bar will increase and decrease automatically depending on how many items fit their individual filters, or you can set a height/width of each individually
    • You can give your bars names (visible in Edit Mode), and easily see when clicking on a bar number what categories or rules have been assigned, if any
    • You can change the colours of each bar as well as the border colour
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Check the Wiki for rule examples. There are also many user created rules that can be found online, Google is your friend
    • Bar settings can be moved from one bar to another using the move and move: complete options (found by clicking an item, then a bar number) in the Edit view. This will move all items that match
    • Check the default filters and sort options first, you might be able to configure your bags how you want without getting into Rules at all
    • Right clicking an item in Edit mode will give you the item information including it’s System tag and it’s name
    • There are a lot of configuration options available under Interface – ArkInventory – Config, like when you want ArkInventory to be used (bag only, or bank etc as well). You can also view your location, sort, and filter rules here
      • Sell Junk
      • New item glow
      • Transmog icons for BOEs
    • There is a close menu option at the bottom of each menu. Annoying, but clicking away without choosing a menu item won’t close them