Manny and Joce deep dive into Ion’s interviews with PCGamer among others, as well as talk about how to make money in WoW, Anduin’s early life, and take a couple of listener questions.

  • Ion on 8.2 and Lessons Learned from BfA

    • PTR and info dump about 8.2 Rise of Azshara coming soon (sounds like after the mini-raid drops), it’s a very large content update
    • Mechagon and Nazjatar will combine the best of Timeless Isle, daily quests, Broken Shore, and Argus to create new game experiences
    • Armor pieces from the two locations will have unique effects/traits that will be fully unlocked from the start
    • New active(!) and passive powers will be available through the neck alone as it levels up
      • Active powers will be along the lines of Legion artifact powers, will be key bound buttons designed to impact playstyle and rotation
    • They acted on the azerite armor situation as soon as they could, with the changes in 8.1
    • A full system overhaul was out of the scope of 8.1 because it wouldn’t have been ready in time, so that’s coming in 8.2
    • Legion artifacts and their front loaded into linear progression (which Blizzard saw as a missed opportunity) caused the design of azerite armor to be what it currently is, a stream of constant interesting choices
    • A big failure was not enough PTR testing of Azerite Armor and Traits
    • In the future, they want to get major progression systems in the hands of players in the Alpha and early Beta
    • There is portal stuff but nothing new so I’m skipping it
    • Being able to take things out of the game, like artifact weapons, allows them more freedom with their systems. Artifacts couldn’t have been as powerful and cool if they then never went away
    • If they couldn’t take things out, systems like Artifacts would probably never make it into the game
    • Ion also conceded that they have been leaning a little too far in the direction of removal though, and that if they hit on a fun system that should continue through multiple expansions, they let that happen   

    How to not go broke in the World of Warcraft

    Money Saving with Manny

    The biggest way to start building a bigger bank roll is to stop spending gold as quickly. Gold sinks are plenty in WoW.

    • Make your own stuff. If you have the time create your own flasks, potions, and goods rather than buying them all on the AH. An army of alts with professions will stop you going bankrupt trying to keep yourself raid ready.
    • Work with your community. If you don’t have the time for all those alts then trade and barter within your guild, raid group, or circle of friends. At the very worst, you can stop losing money to the AH cut and put it all in the pocket of a friendlier face.
    • Buy on off days for the AH. If you have to buy something on the AH know that prices will fluctuate. You will see higher prices for raid mats at the beginning of a raid cycle versus weeks into a raid. You will see the cost of DMF items incredibly cheap if you look on the AH in the middle of a month.
    • Buy less more often. When you are buying items there are only so many available before you reach the more expensively priced goods. If possible buy what you need and then come back lower to see if new postings have been made at the lower end.
    • Widen your search. Look for functionally identical goods at lower price points. Lightfoot Potion is a speed boost potion; however, the Skystep potion does the exact same thing and is 30% cheaper on the Earthen Ring AH. If you are working with an army of alts or a community, you can also check the cost of the materials to make the good and see if it might be cheaper to have it made from the purchased materials.
    • Buy and put aside. If you find a good deal and you only need 10, buy 100 and sell 90

    Making Money

    Basically when you know how to save money. You’re 90% of the way to making money.

    • Produce items to sell. If you have an army of alts with professional mats. Make some for the AH while you are making it for yourself. Chances are if you need something others do as well and will pay gold for it.
    • Work with your community. Help your guildmates and offer them your services. Give them a discount and understand that you’re not losing any of it to the AH cut.
    • Sell on the AH at times of peak demand. You are going to be able to command a higher price for your potions, flasks and feasts if you sell them on Tuesdays than you will likely be able to do on Mondays. Know the ebbs and flows of the market demand and act accordingly.
    • Sell less more often. If you post 20 listings of the same item, it is far more likely that you will be undercut before all the listings sell and you will simply end up losing out on your deposit fee.
    • Reset the market. If you know when an item will be in demand and you see that there are few listing left for an item, you can invest in buying out the auctions below a certain price point and relisting them for higher. This cuts your margins but can be the easiest way to make money with little effort on your part.