We have a new Q & A to cover this week, with quite a few controversial topics. Manny and Joce also take a look at the addon MoveAnything, and take questions about what it would take to change factions, and what locations would make good faction capitals.

The Q&A

Last week Ion and Josh sat down in the brand new set up to hold another Q&A.

  • Gear Reset each tier
  • The fun metric
    • How frequently do you log in?
    • How long do you log in for?
    • What activities do people do?
  • PvP gearing paralleling PvE gearing (ratings are for reference, from season 1)
    • Tier, Rating, End of Match iLvl, Weekly cache iLvl, Weekly Azerite item iLvl
    • Unranked, 0 – 1399, item level 340, item level 355, item level 355
    • Combatant, 1400 – 1599, item level 350, item level 365, item level 355
    • Challenger, 1600 – 1799, item level 360, item level 370, item level 370
    • Rival, 1800 – 2099, item level 365, item level 375, item level 370
    • Duelist, 2100 – 2399, item level 370, item level 380, item level 385
    • Gladiator, 2400+, item level 375, item level 385, item level 385
  • Caverns of Time Cavern coming soon™, navigation tools to be added (but are quest related?)
  • Transmog restrictions will be relaxed (all but pants)
  • Wow Classic will launch with RP realms
  • BfA Dungeons unlikely to give rep any time soon
  • Level squish seriously considered
  • https://www.twitch.tv/videos/398938704?t=

Blizzard Issues Suspensions

Late last week Blizzard issued suspensions for players exploiting the Draught of Ten Lands potion.

Artifact Knowledge paused again

This week’s reset was the last increase of Artifact Knowledge in Season 2. AK reduces the AP needed for players to level their Heart of Azeroth. Currently, the level cap for the Heart of Azeroth is 50 and the highest level required for any Azerite trait is 48 for the core of mythic shoulders. Happy Grinding, folks!
We have been told in 8.2 we will no longer need to grind additional HoA levels to unlock rings in new armor. While no solid details have been revealed, Ion suggested that new HoA levels will unlock traits and abilities for the Heart itself.

Titanforging Cap remains

With Mythic Uu’nat dropping a base level of ilvl 425 gear there was a question if the Titanforging Cap would be raised with the release of CoS. Blizzard has confirmed through the @WarcraftDev account that 425 will remain the item level cap during season 2.

Community Resources/Add-ons


Does exactly what it’s name implies!

  • MoveAnything is a UI addon that grants you the ability to move OR HIDE! any aspect of the Blizzard UI
  • You can 100% break things, but thankfully there’s a reset button next to every UI piece
  • It’s a one pane addon with no settings, that you open from the game menu
  • UI sections are organized in categories, or there is a search bar at the bottom you can use to find a specific piece you’d like to move
  • Moved something by mistake – Type /unmove last and it will reset the last frame you interacted with.
  • Figuring out frame names use the “FS” checkbox to show Blizzard’s Frame Stack tooltip. This tooltip displays a list of frames currently underneath your mouse cursor
  • Be careful with changing the scale of your frames (done by clicking and dragging the small grey boxes) because /unmove won’t undo scaling
  • You can always reset to put things back to where they started
  • https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/move-anything