It’s a fairly light news week this week with the release of 8.1.5, so Manny and Joce take some time to look at the War Campaign developments Hordeside, as well as chat about KUI Nameplates, and take some of your questions from Discord!

World of Warcraft and Character Services Sale

Not so coincidentally lining up with the release of the latest Allied Races, WoW and some of the WoW

Hall of Fame is Full

Over a hundred teams have now defeated Mythic Jaina on the Horde side and so the ability to get your guild into the Hall of Fame as a Horde guild ended with this Tuesdays reset. There are still 82 slots open over on the Alliance side as of this recording, and once that is full Mythic BoD will be available for cross realm groups.

Jaina chills out

Nerfs come for the Ice Witch as a hot-fix made a few small tweaks to the encounter with Jaina.

  • Jaina’s health reduced by 5% on all difficulties.
  • Jaina’s Tide Elemental health reduced by 35% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Jaina’s Chilling Touch damage reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty.

Community Resources/Add-ons

KUI Nameplates

KUI Nameplates is a interface add-on that is used to customize information shown and allow you to at a glance pull information in the middle of many scenarios. As with many UI customization mods talked about in the past you can set up multiple profiles or adjust a default profile to be used on all your characters.

  • Threat
    • in tank mode or not
    • Colour codes for secured, transitioning, Off-Tank or Tanking, Transition
  • Cast bars to watch cast from all enemies in frame not just those of your target or focus
    • Can change color to show which cast are interruptible or not
  • Track mana and class power (holy power, chi, etc)
  • Indicators for Target or Mouseover
  • The ability to hide or fade bars
    • Friendly or Neutral NPCs
    • Create exceptions for fade rules (low health or casting)
  • Colour code based on a wealth of criteria
    • Class color, Hostile, Pet, Player, NPC, Tapped, Absorb shields
    • Overriding rules you set up by other rules
  • Sort and filter Auras
    • Showing only your buffs and/or debuffs
    • Showing only dispellable buffs and/or debuffs
    • Giving separate positioning based on criteria
    • Sort by filters such as time remaining
  • Frame sizing
  • Interaction with Boss Mods for fight specific behaviours
  • Text only customization
  • Overriding CVars – TURN THIS ON and force a top clamp distance
    • Distance alpha to have plates
  • Command line: /knp or /kuinameplates or go through the addon section in your menu