Manny and Joce have all your 8.1.5 info heading into next week’s patch, as well as a look at Bloodmallet, a tier list for all your min maxing needs!

Portals in 8.1.5

With the addition of the new centralized portal rooms, there has been a community uproar about the effective removal of many portals throughout the world.

Portals in Orgrimmar/Stormwind

  • DC’s The Exodar/Silvermoon City
  • BC’s Satthrath
  • WotLK’s Dalaran
  • MoP’s Honeydew Village/ Paw’don Village, Jade Forest
  • WoD’s Warspear/Stormshield, Ashran
  • Legion’s Crumbled Palace, Asuna
  • BfA’s Dazar’Alor/Boralas

In many cases, portals have been disabled from all previous hubs that went to any location other than Orgrimmar/Stormwind. Notable exceptions exist and these portals will use the old graphics:

  • Ironforge, Thunder Bluff, the Undercity still have portals to Hellfire Peninsula.
  • The portal that replaces the zeppelin to the Undercity is still enabled
  • The Orb of Translocation between Silvermoon City and the Undercity still works

Portals in Orgrimmar/Stormwind to Thunder Bluff/Ironforge respectively will be put in an upcoming build and were an oversight.

Other points:

CoS Loot tables updated

After our look at the Crucible of Storms last week, Blizzard pushed a build that increased the ilvl of the drops from both bosses.

  • The Restless Cabal now drops gear 5 item levels higher than the comparable difficulty
  • Uu’nat, Harbinger of N’Zoth now drops gear 10 item levels higher than the comparable difficulty
  • This means Uu’nat drops loot that is at the current Titanforge cap of 425
  • <SKIP FOR TIME> Implications for future gearing: sacrificing stats for unique procs and general risk reward factors for min/maxing

How to Prep for 8.1.5

8.1.5 is coming next week, here’s how to get ready!

Community Resources/Add-ons is the tier list site for many aspects of character min-maxing. It uses simmed data to rank trinkets, azerite traits, racial abilities and secondary stats.

This is an entry point or quick reference guide that allows you to make a quick generalized evaluation when deciding things like which race to roll for your frost mage; which trait to choose between on a new Azerite helm; or, which trinkets perform well for your class.

  • As with all simulation data these tools are dps focused. Unless you are a discipline priest this may not directly improve your healing or survivability.
  • All categories can be ranked by Patchwerk and HecticAddCleave which will change the respective rankings of any given trinket.
  • Trinkets are simmed in isolation from each other. Some combinations of trinkets can perform better together than other trinkets. (IE: two on use trinkets vs one passive trinket and one on use trinket)
  • Be aware of the item level brackets for trinkets and use the advanced options to remove certain item brackets that you feel do not realistically apply to your character. This will change rankings as some items scale exceedingly well on the high end but may lag behind other options at lower gear levels.
  • Also be aware of the source of items listed. Some world quest items are highly competitive or even considered the BiS when they Titanforge high enough but it might be highly improbable to obtain and could be highly impractical to target. You can deselect certain sources in the options.
  • Trinkets are ranked using simulation data from the best performing talent build and with otherwise ideal stat distribution.
  • I feel it can be seen as a credit to the balance of the game that racial abilities are so close together in terms of performance (IE: The difference between a Blood Elf Paladin and a Draenei Paladin is less than 200 DPS at a time when we are doing DPS numbering in the tens of thousands. So at this stage in the game, I would not highly recommend switching races for some perceived dps gain.