This week on For Azeroth, Manny and Joce talk about the World First race, a new T&E interview with Jeremy Feasel, WeakAuras, and the Alliance War Campaign!

Method wins the World First race!

Method managed to down Jaina on Tuesday Feb 5th ahead of the EU reset tomorrow beating out 22 guilds also making attempts at the final boss of BoD.

Taliesin and Evitel Interview with Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel

  • Wanted to include micro stories in the environmental design of the Crestfall Island.
  • Some of the story threads from Island Expeditions are setting up stuff that will further develop in future patches.
  • Thought of reducing the time constraint on normal islands to provide time to explore the spaces of islands and the team is considering returning to some of the environment in the future.
  • Team is exploring the AI with the Comp Stomp Arathi (as speculated) and Jeremy speculated about AI bodyguard as an idea. World of Warcraft had to develop their AI separately because the game is vastly different from games like Starcraft.
  • The story will come more together in Nazjatar. The Nazjatar will have a focus on big bombastic story content moments with cinematics.
  • There are plans for more allied races but nothing to announce right now.
  • Spoke about bodyguard system where you upgrade your bodyguard and it gains new abilities.
  • Rare events tied to reagents (I called it last week.)
  • Mechagon was said to use a scrap and crafting system to progress you into new areas.
  • The secrets in the game are passion projects and not a mandated team.

Community Resources/Add-ons


  • What are they?
    • Weak Auras are the most widely used UI mod in world of warcraft. They provide visual and/or audible effects to help you manage and respond to different events in WoW. They can be used to:
      • follow boss abilities in dungeons and raids in a fashion similar to dbm.
      • Track CDs and help with rotational abilities similar to Tell Me When
      • Replace or supplement various parts of your traditional UI.
  • Where do you find them?
    • There are many sites to find the strings for weak auras. Just like macros, you should avoid using auras from unknown and untrusted sources.
    • holds a large repository of all sorts of weak auras.
    • Once you have your auras, the WA companion app can automatically keep them updated much like the twitch app does with add ons.
  • How do you build them?
    • Weak auras can by built following the templates provided but will require some additional legwork and knowledge if you want to be the author of your own aura. If you want to track a spell, buff or debuff; you will need to know the correct spell ID.
    • For novices, I suggest creating an aura for something you can already track to a similar way and then change the spell ID once you have confirmed everything else is working correctly.
    • The WA discord channel can also help you troubleshoot issues and give advice.