Joce and Manny are back, diving in to the most recent Warcraft Q&A as well as the other WoW news, and covering the lore of the Horde War Campaign.

Q&A Break Down and Analysis

On January 24th, Josh and Ion sat down once again to talk answer questions submitted by the community.


  • Why the Zandalari and Kul Tiran were delayed until 8.1.5
    • Reflection of the story
    • Kul Tiran model made from scratch new model and new rig
    • Maghar recruitment story might be more in line with what is happening later in the expansion?
  • All 50 characters on a single server is something that may soon be a reality
  • Sharing War Resources between the characters on your account may soon be implemented.
  • Mythic + is considered a pillar of the end game and it makes sense to have cosmetic awards in the future
  • Want to look at class utility to make all classes have something that is desired for compositions.
  • Exploring Karma systems in M+ groups.
  • Heart of Azeroth will gain additional traits on the neck piece itself and there will be no new levels of locked traits on Azerite gear. Heart Powers are currently tied to different types of content with active talents!
  • Further GCD revisions as the team feels they went too far. More importantly, changing offensive CDs so that they are not “wastes of GCDs”


  • PvP Vendors: The team is trying to create a system that is more transparent (Manny’s Opinion: It is more obtuse and convoluted)
  • Titan Residuum Split running: They can’t stop it and the best they can do is curb the advantages that can be gained by such behaviour.
  • Catch up mechanics to get players to the point where they can play along with their friends quickly. (Warning: Mini Manny Rant: skip if time is an issue)
  • The term “major class changes” means a different thing to everybody. (Warning: Full Manny Rant: damning example of why more communication is needed and why the beta to me feels like it failed in some regards)

Other points:

  • Warmode reasoning. Actively encourages active hunting of the other faction (gank squads) which encourages some of the overnumbering faction to turn off Warmode.
  • Server Stability being caused by several issues but is a top priority for the team. (Looking forward to seeing the Watercooler Blog!)
  • Valor Points vs. Titanforging: Valor Point upgrades might happen in the final Tier when in will not create issues with scaling between tiers. (Lore please stop providing anecdotes as proof)
  • Gear Scaling between tiers. Team has concluded that 15 ilvls is the smallest gap between tiers that will make new gear feel like a meaningful upgrade.
  • Q&A Twitch VOD

8.1.5 Updates

A new build of the upcoming 8.1.5 has hit the PTR with some of the features promised earlier.

  • Brawler’s Guild now open for testing
  • Hati Quest now available for Hunters
  • Magni and M.O.T.H.E.R questline
  • War Campaign continues
  • 2 New Micro Holidays: Free Tshirt Day and Wanderer’s Festival
  • Pterrordax Swoop no longer shares a cooldown with Goblin Glider, and all of the Zandalari embraces have been tuned down significantly.
  • Warlords Timewalking is now added to the weekly event schedule.
  • Wintergrasp is now active on the PTR as an Epic Battleground.
  • New Heirloom items that scale to 120 have been added.
  • 8.1.5 Blue Post Interview

Ion Hazzikostas sat down and had an interview with German site Here are a few highlights from the video but we invite you to watch the entire video (link below).

  • No additional Warfront is planned for Rise of Azshara (and based on his tone for the rest of the expansion.) Heroic Warfronts are going to fill that vacuum.
  • Treasure chests are not that interesting in BfA, they’d like to improve upon them in Rise of Azshara.
  • Rares are too easy to kill as a side effect of cross-realm groups. There hasn’t been a true “rare mob” since Warlords of Draenor.
  • Legion focused on class identity. They don’t have anything like that in Battle for Azeroth, because the expansion is about faction identity. They’re also exploring racial identity with the introduction of Heritage Armor. Class identity remains important, it’s just not the central focus of the expansion. They focus on improving the visual fidelity of classes (new Holy Paladin spells in Tides of Vengeance).
  • Youtube Interview

All Pally raid takes down Jaina

Rextroy and a team of 16 Paladins have killed Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmore on Normal difficulty.

  • about 15 wipes or more
  • started off as 30 protection paladins
  • ended up with 16 people
  • some attempts that were 22 minutes long
  • average of 385 ilvl
  • Youtube Video