This week on For Azeroth, Manny and Joce chat about Hallow’s End, the class feedback megathreads on Reddit, and more Warcraft news before taking a look at the lore of Zuldazar and tactics for Atal’Dazar. They then take an email about WoW Classic.

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Hallow’s End is upon us!

Hallow’s End runs October 18th through November 1st!

  • The Headless Horseman drops 335 ilvl loot when you’re at 120 (you only need to be level 21 to queue though, because of scaling)
  • There is a new toy, the Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone, which is a toy that functions like your normal Hearthstone but doesn’t take a bag slot
  • Tricky Treats are the currency of this event, which you can use to buy toys, costumes, pets, and wands
  • The Headless Horseman drops a mount, but it is a very very small chance (0.5%), though apparently 38% of players have received this mount
    • It actually drops from the loot filled pumpkin which is the reward for players 108 and higher using the group finder tool
    • Since it’s from the pumpkin, it can’t be traded with other party members
  • You need to speak to the bronze dragon in Tirisfal Glades in order to see Undercity and access the holiday quests in that area

Reddit Class Feedback Megathreads

The r/WoW forums have compiled a series of threads discussing the state of each class and specialization as we move through the 8.1 PTR cycle. Many theory-crafters have been called in to lead the discussions in the “mega-threads.”

  • Monday was day 1 of the threads with Death Knight, Warrior, Monk, and Demon Hunter classes discussed.
  • Wednesday was day 2 Paladin, Shaman, Monk, and Priest.
  • Friday was the 3rd and final day with Hunter, Rogue, Mage, and Warlock.
  • Day 3 Link with links to all classes and specs

Blood Elf Heritage Armor

With the latest PTR patch the Blood Elf Heritage Armor and associated campaign are available for testing.

Battle for Dazar’alor testing continues

Encounter Testing continues through this weekend as Blizzard pushes further into the PTR cycle.

  • Thursday, October 18th


    • Flamefist and the Illuminated – Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor
      13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST)
    • Stormwall Blockade – Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor
      14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST)
  • Friday, October 19th


    • Treasure Guardian – Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor

13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST)

    • Conclave of the Chosen – Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor
    • 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST)



Atal’Dazar is a 4 boss dungeon with normal, heroic, mythic and mythic keystone difficulties. This guide will cover mechanics for the mythic bosses. Some mechanics discussed will be less impactful or absent on lower difficulties.

  • Vol’kaal
      • 2 Phase encounter
      • Vol’kaal will target a random player and leap to that player’s location damaging anyone within 8 yards of the impact point and knocking them back.
      • Noxious Stench is a 4 second channel that will apply stacks of Lingering Nausea.
      • Lingering Nausea is a dispellable debuff that will deal ticking damage over 12 seconds.  
      • In phase 1 Vol’kaal is healed by the three reanimation totems at an incredible rate. These totems have separate health pools and must all be killed within 7 seconds or they will heal themselves back to full. When all three totems are destroyed the fight will transition into phase 2.
      • In phase 2, Vol’kaal no longer leaps around but will constantly bombard player’s locations with Toxic pools. These toxic pools will deal ticking damage to any player within the area.
      • Vol’kaal will also gain Repid Decay which will deal damage to himself but also increase the damage he deals by 50%.
  • Rezan
      • In the bone pits at the center of Atal’Dazar, the twisted form of the once mighty loa now stalks. This is a single phase encounter that requires group positioning to handle the mechanics.
      • Through out the area are piles of Ancient Dry Bones. If Rezan or a player walks over these piles during the encounter, they will spawn a Reanimated Raptor which must be picked up by the tank. Any player that walks over a pile will also receive a 30% snare.
      • Rezan will periodically cast Serrated Teeth upon the tank, increasing all damage they receive by an additional 50%.
      • Any player standing behind Rezan will be knocked back by his Tail ability. This can send the player flying into piles of Ancient Bones and may unintentionally spawn Reanimated Raptors.
      • About every 30 seconds Rezan will cast Terrifying Visage which will fear all players within line of sight for 6 seconds. Duck around a corner or break line of sight by some means to avoid the fear.
      • Rezan will follow up the Terrifying Visage by focusing a random player and pursuing them around the pit. If the player is caught, Rezan will devour them for a tremendous amount of damage.
  • Priestess Alun’za
      • The last defender of the Golden Sanctum, Preistess Alun’za does not actually look to aid Yazma’s plan but neither does she recognize you as friend. This is a one phase encounter which involves target switch and managing a debuff.
      • Tainted Blood pools will spawn throughout the encounter area. Avoid these pools until the time is right.
      • From the two pools of molten gold, Corrupted Gold orbs will fly out into the encounter area. Player’s must dodge these slow moving orbs or gain a 30% reduction to the damage they deal.
      • A Spirit of Gold add will spawn from the pedestal where Alun’za spawns. The add will go about the room and clear away the pools of Tainted Blood. You must kill this add quickly before it removes the pools. The add is vulnerable to many forms of crowd control.
      • The Priestess will occasionally buff herself with Gilded Claws increasing the damage of her melee attacks by an additional 50%. This should be dispelled if possible.
      • At 100% energy, Alun’za will cast Transfusion which will drain life from the entire party. To counter this ability each player must stand in a separate pool of Tainted Blood which will cause Transfusion to instead deal damage to the Priestess.  
  • Yazma
    • Soulrend will place a marker over the heads of all non-tank players and after 5 seconds a Soulspawn will form and move towards Yazma. Upon reaching the boss these adds will explode, placing a strong DoT on the party for each add that reached Yazma. A small amount of damage will be reflected back to the player that spawned the Soulspawn.
    • Skewer will deal a high amount of physical damage to the tank and should be mitigated whenever possible.
    • Wracking Pain will deal damage to a random non-tank player and place a 6 second curse that deals ticking shadow damage.
    • Echoes of Shadra will spawn throughout the encounter and will move about randomly. If they hit a player they will explode and leave behind a small void zone. Occasionally, these spiders will be empowered and will fixate upon a player until the empowerment fades.