Spoiler alert, Manny and Joce spend this episode talking all about the data-mined information available about Tides of Vengeance.

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8.1 Data-mining

8.1 is up on the PTR, so the data-mining has begun! Reminder, things that have been data-mined are subject to change, including class/spell changes.

We will be getting many story expansions in 8.1, including the War Campaigns, Xal’atath, Saurfang, Proudmoore Family, Vol’jin, and Tyrande.

  • War Campaign
    • Horde will focus on preparing for an imminent Alliance attack
    • Alliance will focus on preparing to attack
    • Completing each War Campaign will be required to unlock the respective Allied Races (Kul Tiran and Zandalari)
  • Xal’atath
    • There seems to be a quest chain tied to the knife, which ends with her being released from the dagger
    • Since this has been data-mined, there is no indication which side she is on, but she is heavily tied to the Old Gods, possibly even one of them
    • Interestingly there is some broadcast text spoken by the person who leads the player to discover and reawaken Xal’atath: “This blade is more than a dagger. It is a torch that shall light our path forward.” Perhaps Xal is in fact one of the five torches, and it’s not the pillars of creation or world trees as previously thought.
  • Saurfang
    • Saurfang has escaped the Alliance, so Sylvanas sends her agents after him to prevent the Alliance from capturing him again
    • Saurfang is tracked to a farm, where he is hiding out with Zekhan
    • Sylvanas’s forces attempt to take him into custody for treason, but he defeats them all
    • Saurfang sends Zekhan back to Orgrimmar to report to Sylvanas and be the hope for those in the Horde who still believe in honor. Tell me again how this isn’t SoO?
  • Proudmoores
    • Jaina and her mom get a heart to heart, as well as her and her brother Tandred
    • Derek is raised, Baine is pissed
  • Vol’jin
    • Talanji calls Vol’jin, and together they confront Bwonsamdi, The Lich King, and Eiyr to figure out who told him to name Sylvanas, and to figure out who is keeping him on Azeroth and away from Bwonsamdi
    • It appears that there may be two different entities in play, one who told him to name Sylvanas, and one who brought him back from the other side
  • Tyrande
    • There is some broadcast text from what looks to be the Darkshore Warfront, that involves Sira Moonwarden who has been turned to the Horde. Someone (Maiev?) tells her she can’t stop the tide of vengeance.
    • Tyrande strikes off on her own to retake Darkshore, without the help of the Alliance
    • She seeks to perform the Night Warrior ritual, which may kill her
    • During this quest line, we find out that Sylvanas is raising Night Elves as Forsaken (Sira Moonwarden, and Delaryn, among others)
    • We also learn that Sylvanas sacrifices a val’kyr to save Nathanos, leaving her with only three (nine were bound to her at Icecrown, one took her spot in hell. Three died in Silverpine to bring her back, and the Alliance killed one, leaving her with four. One has now saved Nathanos, so she’s down to three)
  • We also got broadcast text from the raid, confirming the fate of leadership on both sides
    • Rastakhan is toast, Jaina is badly wounded, Mekkatorque is frozen
  • Wowhead 8.1 Overview