It’s time, the big Battle for Azeroth pre-patch is coming this Tuesday, July 17th. Manny and Joce talk about what they still need to finish, what is going away forever, and what to expect in 8.0. They then talk about the add-on Shadowed Unit Frames, the lore of the Dark Iron Dwarves, and take a listener’s email. Enjoy!

There will be no show on July 20th as Joce is on vacation, but we will be back on July 27th, with a special announcement!

8.0 is Here

As was widely suspected the BfA systems patch will be going live on Tuesday, July 17th.

Follow Commands Disabled

Blizzard has slipped in some new string commands which prevent players from following other players that are involved in PvP combat. This will effectively kill multi-boxing in Warmode as it is currently implemented.

New details for Allied Races

Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs have had additional elements shown in the new builds of BfA

Azerite Gear revealed

A new build has added Azerite Gear to the loot tables of the beta. At level 120 Azerite Gear represents the core part of Blizzard’s end game progression system.

  • Azerite Gear is meant to replace tier gear while giving increased flexibility to your gearing strategies and not locking you to specific gear.
  • There are some transformative and supplementary traits. Giving bonuses to abilities and in some cases adding new behaviour to spells.
  • There are no direct abilities added to rotations through Azerite Gear. **
  • Having the same trait on multiple pieces will stack the bonuses.
  • Traits increase in power between tiers at a roughly even rate.
  • Normal Dungeon Gear (ilvl 310) has traits that require a Heart of Azeroth level starting at 9 up to 17
  • Heroic Dungeon Gear (ilvl 325) starts at Heart level of 12 up to 22
  • Mythic 0 (ilvl 340), LFR and World Bosses (355 or 370) drop gear that has a Heart level requirement of 16 to 27
  • Uldir Raid Gear (regardless of difficulty) requires between level 16 and level 33 Heart of Azeroth
  • A specific trait can be on another piece of gear and require a different Heart level
  • Mythic dungeon versions of Azerite Gear differs from heroic and normal dungeon versions of the same gear

Community Resources/Add-ons

Shadowed Unit Frames

Shadowed Unit Frame is a UI customization add-on that allows you to modernize and streamline Blizzards stock UI.

  • Adjust look and information for player, target, party, raid and boss frames
    • What is displayed and how it is displayed
  • Customize colours for important information
    • Health percentages
    • Aggo
    • Healing Absorbs, Incoming Healing, Incoming Absorbs, etc
    • Highlights for Mouseover, target/focus or curable debuff
  • Filter buffs and debuffs based on what you can dispell
  • Adjust buff and debuff relative size
  • Adjust colours based on filters of class or health percentage
  • Profiles for characters, specs

Tips and Tricks

  • You can partially enable and disable certain parts to have it mixed with the blizzard UI
  • You can have the same profile act differently in arenas, battlegrounds, Parties or Raids