This week on FAZ, Manny and Joce cover Blizzard cracking down on advertising in Group Finder, the incredible PvE feats that have been accomplished, character customization, the Risen Threat Mage Tower challenge, and discuss Wrathion’s potential roles in Battle for Azeroth. As always, don’t forget to write in to, or let us know your thoughts over on Discord at

Blizzard cracks down on in-game advertising

As of Monday, July 2nd, Blizzard no longer tolerates advertisements in the Group Finder system.

Mythic 30+ cleared in time

This week we saw the first M 30+ cleared within the time limit.

Antorus Dominated

Two groups have pushed through the most difficult encounters in the game with a fraction of the numbers required.

Launch Testing

This past week, Blizzard tested the pre-launch events and the launch events of BfA

Leveling and AP Gains slowed

In a recent beta build the required XP to level was increased and the amount of AP per level for the Heart of Azeroth has increased.

  • 15% increase per character level in BfA from 110 – 120
  • 35% – 53% increase per Heart of Azeroth level over level 9

New Kul Tiran

New face customizations were made available for Kul’Tiran males and even out the customization options with their female counterparts.

Community Resources/Add-ons

End the Risen Threat

This is the Mage Tower Challenge leading you and a team against the Lord Erdris and the threat to Bradensbrook. This is the challenge for the Restoration Druid, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest and Restoration Shaman.

  • This is a four stage encounter that leads you through part of Black Rook Hold.
    • After Phase 1 and Phase 2, you can rest to regain mana, rebuff and wait for any CDs.
    • Switch your gear if needed, after these phases
    • You should use your damage rotation whenever you can fit it in especially if you overgear the encounter
  • Stage 1 consists of waves of enemies that consist of Corrupted Risen Mages, Arbalest and Soldiers.
    • The 5 waves consist of Undead and are vulnerable to CC
    • Interrupt and prioritize the Corrupted Risen Mage whenever possible as they gain a stacking buff that will eventually let them one shot you or a member of your team.
    • You should use Line of Sight to have Jarod or Granny take Mana Sting for you as this will drain your mana.
    • The Corrupted Risen Soldiers do not do much damage on their own but can soften up the party with Knife Dance and Fixate which can put you in dangerous situations.
  • Stage 2 begins with your team captured and then has the hero fight through to rescue everyone.
    • When you are released use offensive Cooldowns to kill the Flickering Eyes quickly. They have increased damage the longer they are alive. They also do burst damage when they die so make sure you are not too low when finishing any of them and use Damage Reductions where needed.
    • As you head up the stairs you will come across a felguard; some fel bats; green orbs and 3 Non-Player Characters.
    • The 3 NPCs have a Damage Over Time that will kill them and convert them into a Corrupted Risen from Phase 1.
    • Dispel the fear from the one NPC that is feared and then rotate CDs and spam heal the 3 NPCs to full.
    • Take your time pushing up the stairs the time allowed is more than enough to make it through this section.
    • Use ranged abilities to deactivate the floating green orbs before they touch you.
    • Once you are past this section you will face a Corrupted Risen Arbalest. LoS the Mana Sting with the adds you healed coming up the staircase.
    • At the top of the staircase, there is a room filled with the floating green orbs, a group of Flickering Eyes and a Dreadlord.
    • Deactivate the green orbs with ranged abilities, kill off the Flickering Eyes as you did at the beginning of this phase and then finally finish the Dred Corruptor.
  • Stage 3 has your allies turn on each other while the real threat gathers power right in front of their eyes.
    • Your allies will damage each other changing focus randomly through the phase.
    • The boss will summon a wave of 3 ghosts that will drift towards him slowly.
    • You need to heal 8 adds before they reach the boss to end the phase.
    • Any ghost that reaches the boss will become an add from phase 1 when you reach phase 4.
    • Rotate healing CDs to heal the adds quickly.
  • Stage 4 is a dps race with strict healing balance
    • Any of the ghost that reached him in phase 3 will spawn as Corrupted Risen adds from phase 1
    • Edris will cast Ignite Soul and then leap on your position leaving a damaging void zone.
    • Position yourself on the outer edges of the room to give yourself as much time as possible before the room is covered with the bad.
    • Ignite Soul will deal damage equal to your current health to all your allies.
    • You can use the void zones to lower your health so you do not accidentally 1 shot your allies when Ignite Soul detonates.
    • Use Bloodlust, Heroism, Drums, and all offensive CDs to end this phase as soon as possible.