This week on For Azeroth, Manny and Joce talk about the rapidly approaching Battle for Azeroth pre-patch (recording happened before the patch dropped Tuesday), as well as the latest Beta/PTR news, and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational Finals. They then take a look at Manny’s go to UI organizer, Bartender, before chatting about the World Trees, and other fan theories following up on last week’s lore discussion. The show wraps up with a couple of emails asking about a wielder of both Light and Shadow, as well as how to approach the Mage Tower challenges. Enjoy!

Mobile Armory shutting down

On July 11th, The WoW Mobile Armory will no longer be supported.

  • The Legion Companion App is being converted into an evergreen WoW Companion App
  • Support ended for the Mobile AH back in April
  • Official Blizzard Announcement

Secrets abound in BfA

Developer Muffins, threw down the gauntlet on Twitter, apologizing to Secret Finding Community and telling them they brought ‘this’ upon themselves. And so those of the community in the beta began the hunt and found the Gem of Acquiescence. This is the second secret item found in the beta.

The Horde Marches on the World Tree

The new build on the PTR added a number of new reveals.

BfA PvP Ratings Update Blog

We got an update block from the PvP team outlining system updates going into BfA.

War Campaign Research Options

The new build on the Beta has added research options much like the research upgrades of the order halls in Legion.

Seals of Wartorn Fate

In BfA, there will be changes to the bonus rolls.

  • The amount of seals per week is decreased to 2 from 3
  • The maximum amount of seals any character can have at one time is decreased to 5 from 6
  • The cost per seal has increased
  • Seal Changes

Blizzard kills WQGF

This week it was discovered that add-ons can no longer create groups in BfA. This change effectively kills World Quest Group Finder and other similar add-ons.

MDI Finals

This past weekend Blizzard hosted the first LAN based MDI finals in Columbus, Ohio

  • Kjell’s Angels take the top spot over Method NA (2nd) and Method Pogchamp (3rd)
  • Free Marsey was sent to the lower bracket by Method NA in round 2 of the upper bracket and then eliminated by the Gulch Trotters in the lower bracket
  • Skyline.D had to replace one of its rogues, MMY, due to emergency surgery
  • Free Marsy’s healer in regionals, Xerase, wasn’t able to make the trip to Columbus
  • MDI Allstars @Blizzcon 2018 with BfA maps
  • Raider.IO Bracket Boards
  • Warcraft esports highlights channel

Community Resources/Add-ons

Bartender 4

Bartender 4 is a UI mod that allows you to customize your action bars; give yourself an edge in gameplay; and, just make the ancient Blizzard UI look far cleaner.

  • Support for all Action Bars and all related bars
    • 10 Action Bars
    • Stance Bar
    • Pet Bar
    • Bag Bar
    • Micro Menu
    • XP/AP/Reputation Bar
  • All Bars are fully customizable
    • Scale, Alpha, Fade-Out settings, etc
    • Very flexible and customizable Show/Hide driver based on Macro Conditions
    • Additional Layout and Paging settings for Action Bars
    • Set up all bars based on Stance or Modifier
    • Possess Bar support
    • Custom State driver support with Macro Conditions
    • Options to hide specific elements of the buttons (Macro Text, HotKey)
    • StickyFrames support
    • Masque/ButtonFacade support
    • Easy Hotkey Binding using KeyBound
  • Options to control the hiding of the default blizzard artwork


  • Copy profiles from other characters
  • Write custom conditionals for bars
  • Set profiles by your specialization


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