This week on FAZ, Joce and Manny take a look at some Warcraft beta news, take a look at the Pawn add-on, and discuss time travel in World of Warcraft. You can now join the conversation on the official For Azeroth Discord channel by heading to

Mythic 15+ Achievement  

The Keystone Master achievement will be permanent moving into BfA.

  • you can unlock the artifact appearance connected with this achievement by completing a 15+ in BfA at 120.
  • You have until August 14th to complete the Legion achievement at level 110
  • Blue Post

Battle for Azeroth Comic

Issue #1 for Reunion is online and follows what Lady Jaina Proudmore has been doing since leaving the Kirin Tor.

Beta News

Sparkle, sparkle! This week’s patch has added another layer of shine to the beta as we near release. There was

  • New Models
    • Elementals, Rainbow Grubs, Jaina’s new jewelry
    • New Mount Rewards for Warfronts and Island Expeditions
  • Legion Prestige rewards have been put into the new BfA structure
    • Pacing is not the same, but if you already have a reward you will retain it after the expansion goes live.
    • Revised requirements to unlock the PvP tints
  • Finalized UI for Azerite Gear
    • Leveling Gear has 3 tiers and Heroic Dungeon Gear has 4 tiers
  • Tuning Changes to classes including Balance Druids, Protection Paladins, Discipline Priests, and Fury Warriors
  • Mag’har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves behind War Campaign Reputation
  • Pathfinder Part 1 Requirements
  • New Models and More New Mounts
  • PvP Restructure
  • Azerite Gear UI
  • Tuning Passes
  • Pathfinder Part 1


Pawn helps you find upgrades for your gear and tell which of two items is better for your spec.

  • Comes with a bunch of presets from AMR
  • Puts a number in your tooltip that shows both the overall value of the gear piece, as well as the percentage upgrade over what is currently equipped (if applicable)
  • Scale
    • Allows you to choose which scales to show in tooltips
    • You can import or export, and create new scales here
  • Weights
    • Shows you the weights assigned to each stat for each scale
  • Compare
    • You can drop an item in this tab to get an in-depth look at where the upgrade numbers are coming from
  • Gems
    • Gives two options, best gem available or gems for a specific item level
  • Options
    • Choose between displaying only scale values, only % upgrade, or both
    • Change how upgrades are displayed (arrows in bags, green outline on tooltips)

Tips and Tricks

  • Pawn is very widely used, so you can find stat weights and import strings quite easily
  • You can generate your own stat weights on AMR by running a gearing strategy simulation, which is much more advanced but also specific to your character and currently equipped gear
    • Can also use Simulationcraft and Raidbots (covered in FAZ ep #36)
  • Pawn will not work with Titan Panel Artifact Power or Combat Numbers Separator.