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DDoSing WoW Player Gets Sentenced to Prison

Calin Mateias of Romania has been sentenced to one year in jail and was ordered to pay nearly $30,000.

  • In 2010 Calin used distributed denial of service of attacks to crash WoW servers between February and September 2010.
  • He was extradited in Nov 2017 to the US and plead guilty in Feb of this year.
  • He staged the attacks over arguments over loot rules and raid membership.
  • BBC Article

MDI 2018

Group Stages are now complete!

  • Americas: Method NA and Team OmegaSniped
  • Asia-Pacific: Free Marsy and Gulch Trotters
  • Europe: Kjell’s Angels and Team PogChamp
  • China: Skyline.D and SunSky
  • Blood DK, Holy Pally, Windwalker dominance…
  • Finals June 22nd
  • MDI News

The War Rages On!

In the latest beta build War Mode is now implement.

  • Turned on at Orgrimmar/Stormwind
  • Grants additional 15% experience for killing monsters and completing quests.
  • At max level, you gain 10% additional rewards from World Quests.
  • Enables PvP talents (Talent system reworked)
  • Talents can be changed in rest area or with consumable
  • Kill streaks of 10 or more enemy players makes you an Assassin with additional buffs.
  • Killings Assassin Players grants 25 conquest.
  • War Mode details
  • Blue Post

PvP System Updates

Game Designer Phalanx took to the forums to talk about upcoming changes to PvP in BfA

  • Modernized Ranking System
    • Unranked: 0 – 1400
    • Combatant: 1375 – 1600
    • Challenger: 1575 – 1800
    • Rival: 1775 – 2100
    • Duelist: 2075 – 2400
    • Gladiator: 2375+
  • Improved Reward Structure
  • Cosmetic Reward Changes
  • Weekly Goals
  • Blizzard Post on PvP revamps

GCD Changes Continue

On-Use trinkets and Racials are once again off the GCD.

Raid Testing Concludes

Today Friday May 11th the last two bosses of Heroic Uldir (were/will be) tested.

Warcraft Logs Pt. 1

Warcraft logs is a fundamental resource that allows you to analyze the performance of your raid team. Using the client’s combat logs, it provides detailed reports which can be reviewed in order to determine what teams and individuals can do to overcome obstacles and improve performance.

As an introduction to Warcraft Logs, I am going to go over how you can review logs to determine what issues you are facing as individual and what you should avoid dwelling on when reviewing.

Before you can analyze a log you need the following:

  1. Know the fight. In order to properly analyze any log you have to know the context of what you’re looking reviewing. Different abilities have different solutions.
  2. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples and looking at similar variables.
  3. Understand that very few fights in any raid are strict dps checks and some events do not in occur a bubble.
  4. Watch out for cheese logs.

With these in mind if you want to look at an individual performance and get ideas for how you can improve you can look for the following:

  1. Uptime: Most classes have some buff or debuff that they should be maintaining. Downtime is the easiest gap to close in terms of missing dps and should be the first time you look for when reviewing.
  2. Potion Use: On every serious attempt a raider should be using two potions.
  3. CD usage: Did you use you big ticket abilities as often as you could have.
  4. Beyond this we start getting into nitty-gritty that depends on a fight by fight basis.

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