Joce and Manny talk Mage Tower Challengers, give you all your Battle for Azeroth Beta news, run down Raider.IO, talk about the forces that make up our Warcraft universe, and finish up with a listener email about Yrel and her WoD allies.

2 New Patches for Beta

The Beta continues at breakneck speed!

War Mode Info

Blizzard Game Designer Phalanx posted on the forums detailing War Mode

  • Honor Talents always on
  • Gear scaling in PvP combat
  • Conquest points gained in world PvP
  • Bounty Hunting?!? This is your chance to kill Aduial, the Manslayer!
  • Blizzard’s Blue Post on War Mode

BfA prepatch heading to the PTR soon™

Community Manager, Ythisens jumped on the forums with the “announcement” this week.

Raid Testing Continues

The Beta continues at breakneck speed!

  • 6 raid bosses tested this week for the Uldir raid
    • M.O.T.H.E.R and Vectis Wednesday May 2nd
    • Mythrax and Fetid Devourer Thursday May 3rd
    • Zul and Taloc Friday May 4th
  • Blue Post on Heroic Uldir Testing

Community Resources/Add-ons

Raider.IO is a leaderboard website dedicated to raiding and mythic plus dungeons. It provides information detailing progression through the end game content.

  • Raiding
    • Shows timelines and infographics for boss kills
    • Ranks Guilds showing progression, kill order and exact date and time of kills
    • Provides links to guides and other community sites
  • Mythic Plus
    • Shows best times and highest keys
    • Can be subdivided based on role, dungeon, affixes, region, patch and key level ranges
  • Player
    • Shows gear details, raid progression, keystone history
    • Shows a world and regional rankings for best progression during a patch cycle
    • Assigns a score based on performance history
  • Add-on
    • Allows quick reference to a characters rating on Raider.IO
    • Provides quick link to a character’s raiders page


  • Complete every dungeon to quickly build your score
  • Do not take any person’s score as gospel. Please? PLEASE!

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