This week Manny and Joce talk about the Shadowlands dev update, what’s coming in the pre-expansion patch on October 13th, and then take your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth! 

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Developer Update

In the 1st developer update since announcing the delay, the team has outline a few objectives that will be available to test in future builds

Conduit Confusion

After detailing the way conduits work in an article last week, the team is making several changes to the conduit system.

  • No longer a weekly lockout and will instead use a charge base system
  • Each change of a conduit uses 1 charge and you get a new charge each day
  • Adding an upgraded conduit to your library also provides a charge
  • All soulbinds have been revised to have 2 potency conduits only
  • Aiming to make the system less punishing to multispec players and players changing loadouts between various content
    • Joce’s two cents… Seems to me like there was a much easier solution than giving us another currency to track, even if it’s earned automatically. A weekly lockout on changes would have been fine, if soulbinds were spec specific. This is the same thing we wanted with Azerite Armor. Just let us have it ffs.

Game Services Sale

Select game services are 30% off and if you need to make some changes ahead of the prepatch take advantage of the deals.

The Pre-Expansion Arrives

The official patch notes are now available for pre-expansion systems patch.

  • The Squish!
    • Level 120 reduced to level 50
    • Item level squish (430 gear goes to level 100)
  • New Character Customization
    • Appearance Change no longer a paid service
    • Druid and Worgen forms adjusted independently
  • New leveling Experience
    • Exile’s Reach (1-10 zone and new intro dungeon)
    • Timewalking Campaigns
    • Fabio C
      • Questions about Chromie Time:
      • What exactly will happen when I log in my level 61 druid that is right now sitting somewhere in Outland, besides, of course, she being level 25?
      • Will a quest pop up asking her to go meet Chromie so she starts Chromie Time leveling?
      • What if I decide not to go talk to Chromie and do Chromie Time? Will I be able to level the old way?
      • And what happens if I pick leveling in Outland, will I keep my progress and start Chromie Time from where I was before?
  • Pathfinder no longer required in WoD and Legion to fly
  • Allied Races no longer require exalted to unlock
  • Corruption is gone (RIP)