This week Manny and Joce talk Shadowlands being delayed, more last minute beta changes, ways to manage your many add-ons, and then take your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth! 

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Shadowlands to be Delayed

Just this afternoon John Hight, Executive Producer of World of Warcraft announced that the worldwide release of Shadowlands will be delayed.

  • Later this year.
  • Sited more time needed to balance and iterate on the interlocking pieces
  • Polish, especially related to end game.
  • Pre Launch event scheduled for Oct 13th
  • John Hight Announcement

Tier Set Bonuses

Wowhead has datamined tier set bonuses for the Covenant Sets.

  • Each has a 3, 5, and 8 piece bonus
  • 3 set bonus offers out of combat regeneration bonus when you are in your Covenant’s realm
  • 5 piece (8 piece for Venthyr) interacts with the Covenant signature ability
  • Pieces are unlocked by progressing through the Covenant Campaign
  • Wowhead Article

Conduits Detailed

Kaivax has taken to the forums to explain the ins and outs of the Conduit system. 

  • The Soulbinds are customizable skill trees. You can select 1 of 2 starting points and select which path you go along. 
  • Half of the points along the path are wildcard slots where you can place an appropriate conduit.
  • As you gain renown with your covenant you will develop your soulbinds further and gain new characters with which you soulbind.
  • Conduits will be items earned from a wide variety of endgame content (dungeons, PvP, raids, reputations, world quests, etc.)
  • The power of their effects will increase with the Item Level of the Conduit.
    • Item lvl increasing by 13 ilvls each rank
    • 7 ranks available initially (from 145 – 226)
  • Instead of placing a Conduit directly into a given Soulbind tree, you’ll bring it back to your Sanctum where you can add it to a permanent collection.
  • There will be more than one source for most Conduits, to increase flexibility in acquisition and accessibility across different playstyles.
  • Earning a more powerful version of a Conduit you already have will simply upgrade that Conduit in your collection.
    • The base Item Level is determined by the level content you are completing
    • You can upgrade lower rank versions with the consumable item from the Maw. 
  • Conduits Blue Post
  • Icy-Veins Article

Quick Fire Changes

This week’s Beta Build brought a lot of changes. Here’s the quick run down:

Community Resources/Add-ons

Addon Management

The launch of CurseForge’s move under Overwolf has been announced.

  • WoW Closed Alpha – October 7th
  • WoW Open Beta – October 20th
  • WoW Official Launch – October 26th
  • Feature Parity – November 17th

This means that many players will not be able to use the Curseforge addon until open beta on the 20th of Oct and Mac users will not see any support until November 17th. Below are some alternatives that members of GYCT have been looking over to fill the role.

    • CurseBreaker
      • Basic barebones UI, Open Source, keeps WeakAuras and ElvUI updated, has conflicts if you play Classic, requires a bit more effort to do initial install
    • Singularity Addon Manager
      • Very similar look to Twitch Mod Addon, Mac support ETA 2 weeks
    • WowUp.IO
      • Automatic addon detection and quick initial start up. Covers both Beta, PTR, Classic and retail. Currently only Windows.  
    • Ajour
      • Minimalistic and streamlined, there is a commitment to keeping the app open source, add-free, and respectful of user privacy