Manny and Joce dive into the latest Beta build, chat raid testing, datamining, and the state of melee. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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Beta Build 35360

Shadowlands continues to evolve on the beta with the latest build and information of more to come. 

  • Character Copy now available (Hero Classes are bugged though)
    • Corruptions are cleansed (prepatch)
    • HoA (azerite traits and essences) ceases to function (in Shadowlands)
  • Tor’ghast is fun again!
    • Floor Bosses are actually Bosses
    • Cell Blocks are more varied and distinct
    • Map is starting to work
  • Spell Variance is back
  • Soulshape – The Night Fae Signature ability has been buffed
    • Flicker now teleports you forward 15 yds up from 10 yds 
    • Immediately flicker upon activation (puts teleport on short CD)
    • Movement Speed boost increased to 50% up from 30%
  • The mechanics of the weekly chest has been delved into by Twitch streamer Baratheus and reported on by Wowhead.
    • Each week you can claim a reward
    • Raiding, PvP, and Mythic Dungeons all contribute to the selection of rewards
      • Defeat 3/7/10 Raid Bosses
      • Complete 1/5/15 Mythic Dungeons
      • Earn 100/150/250 Conquest Points
    • Items offered scale based on the level of difficulty of each piece of content
      • LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic
      • Based on the lowest of the required amount of Mythic + Dungeons
      • Based on the bracket of your highest win
  • Development Update Notes
  • MMO-Champion Build Details
  • Spell Variance Announcement
  • Weekly Loot details


Kaivax took to the forums to explain an upcoming change in the Shadowlands beta concerning conduits. Following Ion’s discussion with Preach, the acquisition and use of Conduits will be changing.

  • Conduits will continue to be items that can be earned from a wide variety of endgame content (dungeons, PvP, raids, reputations, world quests, etc.)
  • The power of their effects will increase with the Item Level of the Conduit.
  • Instead of placing a Conduit directly into a given Soulbind tree, you’ll bring it back to your Sanctum where you can add it to a permanent collection.
  • There will be more than one source for most Conduits, to increase flexibility in acquisition and accessibility across different playstyles.
  • Earning a more powerful version of a Conduit you already have will simply upgrade that Conduit in your collection.
  • A given Conduit can only be used once per Soulbind, though the same Conduit can be added into different Soulbinds’ trees without restriction.
  • Once per week you’ll be able to clear all of their Conduits, with a separate cooldown per Soulbind.
  • You’ll be able to switch which Soulbind is active or change paths through a Soulbind’s tree (essentially respeccing them) any time you visit your Sanctum.
  • The active soulbind and the path through each Soulbind’s tree is saved on a per-specialization basis, and will automatically change whenever and wherever you change specializations.
  • The conduits in each soulbind do NOT change per spec.
  • Kaivax’s Blue Post

Raid Testing

Last week four encounters in Castle Nathria were tested on the beta and 4 more tests have been scheduled for this week.

  • Last Week:
    • Hungering Destroyer
    • Lady Inerva Darkvein
    • Sun King’s Salvation (personally tested)
    • Sludgefist (personally tested)
    • Huntsman Altimor (personally tested)
    • The Council of Blood (MVP for fights thus far)

Tomorrow: Friday, July 31st

Shadowlands Mythic Plus Season #1 

A lot of details are coming together for the initial season of Mythic + in the next expansion.

  • Reminder: There will be a preseason before season 1 begins
  • Prideful is the data-mined seasonal affix starting at 10+ difficulty
    • Defeating non-boss enemies fills players with Pride, eventually forming a Manifestation of Pride that they must defeat.
    • As players kill enemies they will gain stacks of Prideful. These stacks of Prideful have a 20 sec duration.
    • Manifestations of Pride will spawn which will absorb all stacks of Prideful from the party but also deal a shadow damage to everything near it on death
  • Continuing a trend started in this last season of BfA, new rewards are tied to this season.
    • Title: <The Sinful> for Keystone Conqueror (All Dungeons 10 or higher in time)
    • Mount: Sintouched Deathwalker for Keystone Master (All Dungeons 15 or higher in time)