This week Manny and Joce talk about healing in WoW, Overwolf buying CurseForge, Duncan Jones tweeting about the Warcraft Movie, and the Shadowlands Alpha before taking your emails. All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

Sexism, Predators, and Assault in Gaming (Stand-alone Episode)

Many, many women have come forward in the last week or so about their experiences with creators, streamers, developers and more within the gaming industry, and the WoW community was not immune.

  • Method
    • Parts ways with Josh for grooming young women
    • Places Co-CEO Sascha Steffens on unpaid leave while misconduct is investigated
  • Marconin
    • Grooming community members, using them for sex
  • Twitch takes action, permabanning abusers

Overwolf Buys Curse from Twitch

  • CurseForge is getting their own app within the Overwolf family of apps
  • Everything will remain as is at the beginning, as the sale includes all existing code from Twitch. Over time, the team will add more features as requested by the community
  • There will be ads, but not in the addons themselves
    • Also exploring subscription model to remove ads
  • Overwolf is in the midst of revamping their model to pay creators more money by 2022, as well as creating an opt-out option for data collection
  • Overwolf AMA
  • Twitch Sells CurseForge

Cloak Upgrade Hotfix

MOTHER is now selling Malefic Cores for 2,000 Echoes of Ny’alotha each and you can buy as many as you wish up to the current Corruption Resistance cap

Duncan Jones talks Warcraft Movie Sequels

His plan was to do a three parter following Thrall through the events of Warcraft II and III. 

Alpha News

A lot of exciting things for the alpha this week along with the release of a new build.