This week Manny and Joce talk about the Corruption vendor, bad luck protection, the latest Shadowlands Alpha changes, the Auction House slow down, and the impact addons can have on development and game play before taking your emails. All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

Corruption Rotation Confirmed

An article was published by Blizzard earlier this week which details the full rotation on the corruptions offered by mother. You can now look up when the corruption you want will be available again for purchase.

  • 8 Rotation on a twice weekly cycle
  • Reminded that each rank of the legendary cloak can now be completed in a single vision

Linxy dispels our horrible RNG

Community Manager Linxy posted to the forums to advise that Rank 4 Essences now have bad luck protection and that bad luck protection has been retroactively applied for all eligible players.

This Week’s Alpha Build

It’s a new week and another new build, with 34821 now on the alpha servers. Below are some of the highlights in the latest version of Shadowlands:

  • Warrior Changes
    • Arms Mastery Reworked removing Execute from the abilities that apply Deep Wounds and mastery rating now increases damage you deal to targets affected by your deep Wounds
    • Many spells have been reworked to work with the new Mastery
    • Ravager now uses your equipped weapon in the spell animation
    • Single-Minded Fury returns allowing Fury Warriors to use 1 handed strength weapons
    • Large Talent rework for Fury
  • Warlock Changes
    • Demonic Gateway persists through death!!!!!
    • Demonology and Destruction changes to increase uptime of summoned demons
    • Adjustments to baseline spells to improve the flow of casting prepull, in the core rotation and while moving.
  • De Other Side Dungeon now available for testing
    • 4 Boss Dungeon in Ardenweald with many familiar names
    • Dungeon revolves around Bwomsamdi and the loa
  • Tor’ghast updates
    • New and/or Updated Anima Powers
    • The Oppressive Aura of Tower Sentinels is now far less oppressive
  • New Customization options for Night Elf, Draenei, and Worgen 

Ban Wave

Kaivax has taken to the forums to explain a massive ban wave that hit the player base of Classic.

  • Approximately 74,000 WoW accounts
  • Majority using automation tools to gain an unfair competitive advantage
  • Explains a bit about when reports may not seem like they are working.

Auction House Automation

It was noticed recently the Auction House has been slower for the goblins

  • There is now a limit on queries per minute
  • This cap has been greatly adjusted after strong feedback from the community
  • This should not affect most users, including many users of AH automation add-ons like TSM

Where to Draw the line on Add-ons

This week we want to take the time to talk about add-ons in general. 

When do add-ons go too far and have negative effects on the game? 

Should designing encounters with add-on capabilities in mind be considered a bad thing?

Is there an argument to completely restrict WoW’s API and shut down add-ons?