This week Manny and Joce talk about Blizzard’s charitable donations, the Maldraxxus zone preview, and the latest Shadowlands Alpha changes, as well as how to use audio cues to up your game, and take your emails. All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

In an announcement today, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has made a personal pledge of $1 million to three programs that put efforts towards education and opportunity. Kotick and the company itself has further pledged to match staff donations up to $1 million.

Enter Maldraxxus

The last covenant has been unveiled as Maldraxxus has been previewed in an article on

  • Led by the Primus who is mysteriously absent
  • 5 ruling houses at each other’s throats
    • Abominations of the House of Constructs
    • Gladiators of the House of the Chosen
    • Liches of the House of Rituals
    • Monsters from the (former) House of Plagues
    • Aranakk from the (fallen) House of Eyes

Build 34714 Arrives!

On top of the Maldraxxas preview build 34714 includes several steps forward for the alpha. Here are some highlights:

  • New class spell animations at character creation
  • Class reworks
    • Baseline Warlocks and additional changes for affliction
    • Mage talent adjustments (no word on Ignite stacking fix)
    • Small QoL changes for Blood and Unholy Death Knights
    • Elemental and Enhancement Shaman baseline rotational changes
    • New customization options for the Tauren race and the Druid class forms
  • PvP Power might return

Community Resources/Add-ons – Audio Cues

Sound is a part of World of Warcraft that is woefully underutilized. In today’s game raids having complex mechanics, M+ has a higher skill cap than ever before and PvP continues to be an intricate dance of play and counterplay. This requires that players have a lot to keep track of in many situations. While previously, we have focused on add ons that provide a lot of information; there is a danger of screens becoming incredibly cluttered with all the information required.

To avoid sensory overload, we can shift the way we present many parts of the information and that is where sound comes into play.

  • Dbm, GTFO, and Big Wigs – voice modules and sound settings
  • Weak Auras 2 (ep 70) – durations, procs, missing buffs / debuffs 
  • All the Things (ep 35) , RareScanner (ep 89) – event prompts, proximity alerts
  • Base game – Supply planes, Boss emotes, Raid CDs, Quest failures