This week Manny and Joce talk about BlizzCon’s cancellation, Shadowlands news, and the class/race breakdown of the WoW population before taking your questions about Legion in hindsight and covenants. All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

Blizzcon 2020 Cancelled

Saralyn Smith, Executive Producer of BlizzCon posted an article this week confirming that Blizzcon 2020 will not be happening.

  • Ongoing Safety Concerns
  • Considering an event for early 2021
  • Looking at online alternatives for the esports
  • Official Announcement

WoW Population

Redditor Quasiwave created a heatmap infographic of the World of Warcraft population (as recorded by an addon due to API privacy changes, so this is not an accurate accounting of all WoW players)

  • The infographic is divided between horde and alliance
  • Each faction is shown by class, race combinations
  • Things of note in the data: 
    • Blood Elves represent 20% of total population
    • Alliance is heavily concentrated on Night Elves and Humans at 12% and 11% respectively
    • Hunter and Druid are the most highest represented classes at 11% of total pop
    • Shamans are the lowest represented class at 6% of total pop
  • Infographic Post (Reddit)
  • Warcraft Realms Census Data

The Return of the High Elves

Community Manager Thyvene revealed on the EU forums that some long sought customizations were coming in a future Shadowlands alpha build.

  • Blue Eyes for Blood Elves and Void Elves (multiple shades)
  • Multiple skin tones for both races (void elves strangely inheriting BE undies)

Additionally further customization looks to be coming as data mining suggests:

  • Blood Elves receiving customizable length of their ears, jewelry, hairstyles, etc 
  • Different Druid forms can be customized independently from each other and your base form.
  • Shoulders may be transmogged individually from one another. 
  • Blue Post

Chromie Time

The Shadowlands leveling system “Chromie Time” has been implemented on the alpha.

  • Chromie appears near each factions embassy
  • Will not be present for “New Players” who will be guided to BfA
  • You select a timeline and receive the intro breadcrumb quest for that expansion
    • Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms
    • Outland
    • Northrend
    • Pandaria
    • Draenor
    • Broken Isles
  • No Cataclysm separate from the revamped old world
  • Wowhead breakdown

Shadowlands Development Stream

An article this week announced a development update stream for Shadowlands

Community Resources/Add-ons

Adi Bags 

(Suggested by SecondWind via Discord)

  • Separates items in your bag based on filters
  • Smart filter into each section
  • Junk items can be whitelisted and blacklisted
  • Merges all empty bag space into a single count space
  • List all currencies
  • All options and filters can be adjusted and customized.
  • Curse Link and details