It’s a light news week this week on For Azeroth, with Manny and Joce chatting about their gold making ventures, as well as going a little deeper on their thoughts around the gear systems in BFA, and then they take your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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Money making update:

Firelands Arrives

This week is the first week to gather a group of your friends and take on Firelands, as the time walking raid of Cataclysm.

  • Characters level 86 or higher are able to participate
  • 10 – 30 players in a pre-formed group
  • 7 Bosses dropping loot that scales up to 415+ item level
  • Preview Article

Threat Fix in 8.3

Blizzard is making a change for tank threat. With the release of the Visions of N’Zoth patch, any player in tank spec or any druid in bear form will get +50% threat modifier applied to them until they switch specs or shift out of bear form.

This bonus is available as soon as you unlock the Major slot in the HoA. Currently on live servers, tanks get bonus threat for each unlocked slot which can cause a situation where your monk tank has issues holding threat against your DK tank because of a difference in HoA levels.

Blizzard Previews New Heritage Armour

A new article posted on the official site shows off the new heritage armour coming for Goblins and Worgens.

  • Need a 120 of the respective race
  • That character will need to be exalted with their respective faction
  • Talbards are available to grind rep quickly with BC heroic dungeons runs
  • Official Blizzard Preview

Layers of Complexity Talk

Last week, we talked a bit about the backlash to corruption. Today, we want to talk about the problem that has creeped into BfA. 
Blizzard responded to community backlash against Azerite traits by introducing Essences and now they are trying to address Titanforging with the corruption system but heading into 8.3 many are recoiling. While each is not bad by its own merits the compounded issues with each seems to be more than they are worth. Together they are an extremely convoluted and daunting web of features that are alt-unfriendly and also unfriendly to returning players.

Many Azerite Traits were barely impactful on moment to moment gameplay making them supplementary instead of transformative. This led to them being both considered boring and requiring math to put into a hierarchy.

Essences and Corruption are two ways of gaining player power. Essences were first embraced by the player base but now are bemoaned as alt unfriendly. Corruption has been decried as too much RNG and too complicated. Manny believes that if Corruption could be targeted like Essences it would not be considered too complex at all.

Effort for Essences: Make Season 3 Essences obsolete?

Lessons we hope are learned

  • Wide ranges of RNG lead to frustration and disappointment 
  • Individual systems can not be too complex if there are multiple other systems connected to them
  • A certain amount of catch up has to be considered when implementing new systems