Manny and Joce chat about Blizzard’s new charity pet and plushie, the 8.3 PTR, their gold making ventures, and take your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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Dottie Charity Pet

  • When you buy the in-game pet, Blizzard donates 100% of the purchase price shared equally with Make-A-Wish® and WE
  • Dottie plushie is also on the Gear Store, and every purchase made by December 31, 2019 will also help support Make-A-Wish and WE
    • Blizzard will donate USD $10.00 of the $30 purchase price to be shared equally between Make-A-Wish Foundation and
  • A maximum donation amount of USD $3 million
    • Blizzard has never raised this amount with a charity pet
    • Closest was $2.5 million in 2016 with Mischief for Make A Wish 
  • Dottie will remain available for sale in the Blizzard Shop or from the in-game shop after the charitable donation period ends on December 31, 2019

8.3 PTR Update

  • Many New Corruption Bonuses have been datamined on the latest PTR. We have listed them in the show notes but the highlights of these bonuses are: 
    • These are the raid weapon procs that can now randomly show up on other items from your M+ cache.
    • There are 3 tiers to these effects.
    • Procs instead of passive bonuses.
    • Can cause items to have multiple equip effects.
    • These effects can appear on any item.
      • Infinite Stars
        Your spells and abilities have a chance to strike a nearby enemy with an Infinite Star, dealing X Arcane damage and increasing their damage taken from your Infinite Stars by Y%, stacking up to 10 times.
      • Echoing Void
        Your damaging abilities build the Echoing Void. Each time it builds, Echoing Void has a chance to collapse, dealing a % of your Health as Shadow damage to all nearby enemies every 1 sec until no stacks remain.
      • Ineffable Truth
        Your Spells and Abilities have a chance to show you the Ineffable Truth, increasing the rate your cooldowns recover by a % for 10 sec.
      • Searing Flames
        Your damaging abilities build stacks of Searing Flames. When you exceed 30 stacks, exhale a Searing Breath, dealing damage equal to a small % of your health to all targets in front of you.
      • Twilight Devastation
        Your attacks have a chance to trigger a beam of Twilight Devastation, dealing damage equal to a % of your health to all enemies in front of you
      • Twisted Appendage
        Your attacks have a chance to spawn a tentacle which Mind Flays your target for an amount of Shadow damage every second for 10 sec.
      • Void Ritual
        Gain Void Ritual, giving your spells and abilities a chance to increase all secondary stats by an amount every sec for 20 sec. This chance is increased if at least a certain number nearby allies also have Void Ritual.
      • Racing Pulse
        Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Haste by an amount for 6 sec.
      • Deadly Momentum
        Your critical hits have a chance to increase your Critical Strike by an amount for 15 sec, stacking up to 5 times.
      • Surging Vitality
        Taking damage has a chance to increase your Versatility by an amount for a few sec.
  • A few of the earlier corruption bonuses appear to be removed from the game. These are the strictly defensive bonuses that might not have been as universally exciting.
    • X% of total Health Regeneration now continues during Combat.
    • Reduces your damage taken from periodic effects by X%.
    • Increases your healing received from all sources by X%.
  • The 2nd corruption debuff Corruption Zone has been replaced with Eye of Corruption
  • Legendary Cloak proc changed: now makes you temporarily immune to corruption instead of primary stat buff.
  • BoA catch up gear is now 415 (up from 400)
  • M+ Achievements -> Mount and Title Account Wide
  • Vulpera Racial, Bag of Tricks, can be added to and customized by finding items around the world.
  • Sockets can still occur on items!
  • Two encrypted cinematics have been added to the latest patch (2 min 15 sec and 59 sec. respectively)
  • Raid Testing this week: Friday, December 6th
    • Dark Inquisitor – Mythic: 13:00 PST (16:00 EST, 22:00 CET)
    • Ra-den – Mythic: 14:00 PST (17:00 EST, 23:00 CET)
    • Vision of Destiny – LfR: 15:00 PST (18:00 EST, 00:00 CET)
  • Titan Residuum Values now at parsable numbers in 8.3
    • TR converted to silver at the beginning of season 4
    • Blizzard has covered the loopholes (that I could quickly test)
  • New quest chain for the Shadowbarb Drone Mount discovered in 8.3
  • Official Blackrock Depths Pet Battle Dungeon Preview has been posted to

Free Classic Character Transfers Closing

The free character transfers ahead of Phase 2 will soon be closing. On December 5 at 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST) in the US and 6 December at 1:00 a.m. CET in the EU, this opportunity will no longer be available.

Community Resources/Add-ons

Joce and Manny go gold hunting!

Starter Tips

  • Addons
    • Auctioneer (39) vs TSM (37)
    • GatherMate2
      • Routes
  • Where to start
    • Grunt work. No one likes to gather, so pick the thing and get moving
  • What to look for
    • Market Trends
    • High demand//short supply
    • Traps
      • Be careful of battle pets. Level 25 ones go for high prices, so they’ll skew your averages. Don’t buy Level 1 pets for Level 25 prices. Do look for Level 25 pets at Level 1 prices!
  • How much to invest


  • Joce (24 hours)
    • So much setup
    • 37K worth of auctions up right now just from crap in my bags
    • Tried sniping, will stick to farming for now, it’s safer
  • Manny (1 week)
    • Learning new professions on my alt
    • Total profit so far 270,000g
    • Way faster economy helped tremendously
    • Crafting was not profitable on most goods on ER but I can no longer farm fast enough on BH
    • Bank Alt, as I was using it, is too slow for a fast market
    • Considering buying direct from Joce and other farmers/gatherers