Manny and Joce chat about Long Boi’s days being numbered, Black Friday deals, the 8.3 PTR, the lore of the Mantid, and take your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

The Community team announced that the Long Boi, money-sink, mount will be exclusively sold on the BMAH whenever Shadowlands goes live. No explanation was given which has caused people to react in the usual predictable manner.

Comp Stomp Bug

There is currently an issue with the Arathi Basin Comp Stomp. The match is fine and be completed as normal until the match ends. When the match ends, you will not be ported out of the BG instance and will be stuck there with no ability to do anything with your character.

Black Friday Sales for WoW

Sales for World of Warcraft have been detailed ahead of Black Friday.

  • Digital Deluxe Upgrades at 50% discount
  • Mount and Pet Bundles for 14% off
  • 50% off first month for new players
  • Sale ends December 2, 2019

8.3 Updates

Blizzard has shown that this PTR process is vastly different than the past. Many changes have been made for Visions of N’Zoth that reflect community sentiment.

  • Legendary Cloak Upgrades are 1 per week
    • Now has a primary stat proc when it reaches level 6 or higher
  • The two N’Zoth encounters in Ny’alotha now drop loot 10 item levels higher than the rest of the raid. 
  • Currencies and acquisition rates and have simplified and adjusted
  • You will be able to transmog into the appearance of legendary weapons
  • “Best” Traits Guaranteed
    • Blizzard hand picked one trait per spec and has made it available on all Azerite pieces from the Ny’alotha raid
  • Corruption has revised
    • Creeping Death has been moved to start at 80 Corruption
    • New debuff level has been added at 60: Cascading Disaster
    • UI has been updated