Manny and Joce get back on the live train, looking at 15th Anniversary event PvP changes, Classic Phase 2, and the 8.3 PTR before chatting about who we may see when we enter the Shadowlands, as well as your emails! All this and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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15th Anniversary PvP Rework

After feedback, Korrak’s Revenge has had it’s reward structure revamped.

  • The amount of Timewarped Badges has been doubled for winning and losing teams
  • Many of the repeatable quests that previously rewarded Timewarped Badges have been changed into dailies.
  • The intention is to make it more efficient to focus on the BG rather than repeated turn-ins. 

Classic Phase 2 Updates

While we have been focused on life after BfA, WoW Classic moves into Phase 2.

  • Free character transfers in preparation for the PvP system of Phase 2 started on Mon Nov 11th
  • All Classic realms are now on a single layer as of Tues Nov 12
    • Characters on Arugal, Faerlina, Herod, and Whitemane are encouraged to transfer
  • Phase 2 goes live Thurs Nov 14th!

New Visions of N’Zoth PTR Build

Yesterday PTR build 32489 hit with a bunch of updates for our fight against the Corruptor himself.

  • Nazjatar and Mechagon Essences will be easier to acquire in 8.3
    • Reputation requirements dropped by 1 level to Friendly/Honoured/Revered for ranks 1/2/3 respectively
    • The follower experience requirements for Ranks 2 and 3 of Memory of Lucid Dreams have been reduced from 3000/6000 to 2400/4800.
    • Players who are Revered with their respective Nazjatar reputation may now exchange Manapearls for Bind-to-Account reputation tokens.
  • Corrupted Weapons revealed
    • Unique bonuses
    • Set corruption 25
    • Some classes do not have access to a weapon yet.
  • The HoA progression has been updated.
    • Level 71 – Perseverance
    • Level 75 – 3rd Minor Essence Slot
    • Level 80 – Perseverance
    • Level 85 – The Infinite Purity of the World Soul
      • AP sink like Concordance
      • Gain +1 Corruption Resistance per rank
  • You can now cleanse corrupted items by speaking with MOTHER in the Chamber of Heart.
    • ‘Titanic Purification’ removes both the corruption value and the positive buff.
    • Cost 5 Corrupted Momentos
  • The Gouged Eye of N’Zoth is a new item that allows you to add a socket to an item that currently does not have a socket!
    • Sold by Wrathion for 25000 Corrupted Momentos 
  • A change to the glowing eyes of Blood Elves, Night Elves and Death Knights has been made in advance of the new racial customization coming with Shadowlands
  • Voice work for the new Deathknight starting experience has been datamined in the new build
    • The original races will keep the same Death Knight starting experience that exists today.
    • Allied races and Pandaren will have a new sliver-of-time Death Knight starting zone that will show a short intro experience, interaction with Bolvar, and then you’ll be sent off into the world. It takes place before Sylvanas shatters the helm.
  • The Darkmoon Faire Arcade will allow you to play a host of mini-games new and old
    • Rune Matching (from Nazjatar)
    • Shell Game (from the Tortollan)
    • Totem Matrix (from Legions Shaman Order Hall)
    • Barrels o’ Fun (from Legions Kirin Tor WQs)
    • Bull-E (an ever more difficult version of the Leyline WQs)