Raidbots is a website which allows you to run sims to determine a number of things for your character.

  • Can determine your stat weights, top gear, best talents in your current gear or your current max potential dps.
  • Raidbots is a online alternative for running SimCraft on your own system.
  • Stat Weights: Guides give a general outline for a class and spec. Stat weights vary a number of different factors. Depending on how much you want to min-max.
  • Top Gear and gear compare: You compare switching separate pieces to see what the best combination or you can compare entire sets of gear against each other.
  • Talent compare: Determine what the potential difference in your dps will be between talent choices and talent builds.
  • For all of the modules you have options to change the fight profile (AoE,Patchwork, etc); input lag; fight length; even the # of Pantheon Trinkets.
  • You can use armory profiles but using the simulationcraft addon will provide more accurate results and is needed for some modules like the gear compare.