Ryan and Crofton reunite to see which of them survived Halloween with over-sugared children? Spoiler: Both did. Ryan chronicles his geekirific bachelor party shenanigans and what happens when you merge debauchery and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D&D). Crofton takes a minute to savour a date night with his lovely wife, complete with a mysterious (completely not dirty) card game. The boys then try to recapture the whimsy from their childhoods with talk of imagination play, bedtime stories, and the movies that marked (and traumatized) them as kids.

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Extra Life is back and Ryan will be embarking on an epic journey to play video games in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You can donate by going to extra-life.org/participant/ryanmurphy!

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Diaper and Dungeons is a show where two podcasters get together and discuss their ridiculous parenting stories and personal strategies for carving out time for themselves in their increasingly crazy lives.

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