The sun rises slowly on another day in the wasteland and rugged podcasters Ryan and Crofton trudge forward, sharing their greatest dungeon and diaper-related content. This week Crofton soliloquies about Divinity Original Sin 2 and how it is bringing his DnD band back together, while Ryan feels the tender hooks of Assassin’s Creed sink back in. Crofton goes to dinner at his daughter’s Animal Crossing house to help console her on the loss of her neighbour (a blue pig named Hugh) while Ryan commits to filling in his death-trap pool and replacing it with safe and serene sod. Come listen!

Start – COVID-19 Check-in
13:00 – Dungeons
38:00 Diapers

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Diaper and Dungeons is a show where two podcasters get together and discuss their ridiculous parenting stories and personal strategies for carving out time for themselves in their increasingly crazy lives. 

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