Your Dream Daddy Duo are back for a new episode. One of them is feeling sick. Let’s see if you can guess which one. Here’s a hint: it is the one that sounds like death warmed over. Hey that would make a good episode title! This episode, the boys talk Monkey Island – both returning to and the secret of. They also re-introduce the AvenDaDs for Extra Life, this time hitting the high seas. All of this and Ryan chronicles the woes of a sick family. Come listen!

Start – Crofton Side of CORE
9:14 – Dungeons
49:26 – Diapers

It’s Extra Life season again, and the AvenDaDs are raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. If you’d like to donate, please head on over to We appreciate all the support from our Dungeons & Diapers listeners! We also have a special event planned, where we’ll be live streaming Sea of Thieves on Twitch! Join us Friday, October 21st starting at 8 PM ET for AvenDaDs: Age of Megalodon. Join Ryan, Crofton, Whirlwind, and Travis as the AvenDaDs take on the many dangers of the sea to raise money for Children’s Miracle Hospitals Network through Extra Life.

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Diaper and Dungeons is a show where two podcasters get together and discuss their ridiculous parenting stories and personal strategies for carving out time for themselves in their increasingly crazy lives. 

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