Ryan and Crofton are now actively holiday planning but looks like they – like all of you – are staying home this year. Crofton’s planning started in earnest as he celebrated his wife’s birthday, cementing his role of Best Husband Ever. This is all the more impressive as he balances a full slate of videogames including Hitman, Spider-Man and Overcooked Man. Meanwhile, Ryan runs through his family’s Xmas traditions which now includes saying Bugsnax as many times as he can. All that and an impromptu Jackbox Party Pack tutorial! Come listen!

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34:10 – Diapers

Extra Life is back and Ryan will be embarking on an epic journey to play video games in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. As a special bonus for Dungeons and Diapers listeners, if you donate $20 to Ryan’s campaign he will watch one episode of a kids TV show and review it on the next episode of Dungeons & Diapers. Be sure to include your suggestion in your donation comment, and make sure your choice is easily obtainable (streaming, rental, purchase). You can donate by going to extra-life.org/participant/ryanmurphy.

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