We celebrate 100 episodes of Dungeons and Diapers this week by inviting some special guests: our children! Gwen joins Crofton to discuss her adventures in Tears of the Kingdom while Kayden takes Ryan on a roller coaster ride, finally solving one of the show’s long-running mysteries. In the dungeons, it is business as usual with talk of games (Dave the Diver), shows (The Bear), and tunes (Wolfie’s Just Fine). Come listen and celebrate!

Start – Joke Watch 2023 Update
31:35 – Dungeons
1:11:34 – Diapers

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Diaper and Dungeons is a show where two podcasters get together and discuss their ridiculous parenting stories and personal strategies for carving out time for themselves in their increasingly crazy lives. 

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Intro and Outro Music Credit
“Take a Chance” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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